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12/21/14 7:37pm
School Board Meeting - Maury Elementary School

On Thursday, Maury Elementary School parents and students petitioned the Alexandria School Board at their regular meeting for the group to step up and help fund a new schoolyard for the school.

In spring 2013, Maury Elementary School parents formed the Maury Schoolyard Initiative in response to the severely deteriorated environmental condition of the schoolyard. The parents goal was to raise money to form a public/private partnership. To date, the initiative has raised over $200,000.

At the meeting, parents, students, and local residents described to the School Board the horrible conditions at the field and how the school and the yard are the heart of the Rosemont/North Ridge neighborhood. All speakers pleaded with the School Board to step up and fund the ‘public’ portion of the public/private partnership.

For more information on how you can help save the Maury schoolyard, visit

Here are some more photos I took…

12/21/14 3:50pm

We’re looking at the top 15 Holiday themed commercials of 2014 this year. What we’re looking for in the commercials is the message of spreading happiness during the holiday season. This funny one from Verizon is called ‘The Good More’ and showcases the fact that your family will enjoy opening their Verizon Wireless gifts on Christmas morning, even if Mom tries a little too hard to perfect the photos she takes of you with the presents.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite commercial you have seen this year that we should feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Top 15 Holiday Commercials

12/21/14 2:57pm

A great news story for an Army military family in the Alexandria area.

Via Military Times

The Army family of nine gathered at the bottom of the stairs of their newly refurbished basement and looked around, eyes wide and momentarily speechless.

“That’s a first for my family,” said father Brandon, commenting on the quiet. Brandon is an Army staff sergeant; his command instructed him not to use his last name in the media.

The Alexandria, Virginia, family, was chosen to receive the donated renovations through the mid-Atlantic regional office of Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit providing emergency financial and other assistance to families of active-duty service members in the ranks of E-1 to E-6 and wounded warriors.

Home makeovers are not a core mission of Operation Homefront, but a group of home services professionals approached the regional office with the offer of the holiday donation to make a difference for a military family. Home Service Solutions Group is a collaboration of 33 licensed, insured professionals who provided services such as electrical work, dry wall and carpet installation, painting and cabinetry. All told, the retail value of the donation was about $60,000.

Read more at this link.

Video of the reveal is after the jump…


12/21/14 2:22pm
Alexandria Holiday Market in John Carlyle Square Park in Alexandria, Virginia

As our readers know, the 1st Annual Alexandria Holiday Market has been running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in December through December 21st with additional weekday dates during the week of Christmas (This week people!). The market is taking place in the Carlyle District in John Carlyle Square Park, located at 300 John Carlyle Street. For more about the Holiday market, click this link.

In the spirit of giving, the inaugural European-styled outdoor market event is choosing to give back to the surrounding community by supporting two Alexandria based non-profit organizations.

The Alexandria’s Holiday Market team are requesting attendees to donate canned goods for Hunger Free Alexandria. Donations will be used to fill food gaps for Alexandrians in need. Cash donations will also be accepted on-site.

12/21/14 12:46pm

UPDATE: Vox has corrected their post to note that 1912 was the longest Winter Solstice night in Earth’s history. Still an interesting post nonetheless.

An interesting post on Vox on tonight’s Winter Solstice. Click this link to read why tonight will be the longest night in the Earth’s history ever. Well worth a couple of minutes to read.

12/21/14 9:55am

For our Sunday Brunch links, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and news websites to find the most interesting stories in the you might have missed.


12/21/14 9:35am
Holiday lights display at Yates Corner in the Rosemont/Del Ray neighborhood of Aloexandria, Virginia

OK, as our readers are well aware, I’m a sucker for a good Holiday lights display. Click on the images above and below for a larger view of this really great display of Christmas spirit at Yates Corner in the Rosemont/Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. IMHO, this is the best display by a business of the Christmas spirit in this section of Alexandria. Check out the trees above and the Christmas tree below. Well done!

Do you know of a good one we should snap a photo of? Do you have one of your own you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

REMINDER: Do you have a picture that depicts Alexandria, Virginia at Christmas? Be sure to join our Flickr pool then and submit your own photos!

Holiday lights display at Yates Corner in the Rosemont/Del Ray neighborhood of Aloexandria, Virginia