04/19/14 11:20am

New safeway store sign at Bradlee Shopping Center in Alexandria, Virginia

I previously admired the size of the new Lifestyle Safeway going in at 3526 King Street in Bradlee. I had seen the renderings on this when it was being discussed but, WOW!

I stopped by the site recently to see how the construction was coming along.

Here is a link to some questions about the new store and some renderings of the site can be found at this link on the City’s website.

Here are a few photos I took. To see more photos, visit this link.


04/19/14 10:53am

Old Town Commons Condominiums in Alexandria Virginia

The latest Old Town Commons condominiums are having the finishing touches put on them, especially on the outside. Looking to own one? There is one (1) left. An amazing job by the EYA sales team.

As for the townhomes, there are new ones going up along Pete Jones Way in the neighborhood. See floor plans, and watch video of the homes at this link.

Old town Commons townhomes on Pete Jones Way in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia


04/19/14 9:49am
Governor Elect Terry McAuliffe

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his amendments to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s process by which rehabilitated felons can have their voting rights restored after they have paid their debt to society.

When it takes effect on April 21st, the new policy will make the restoration of rights process more transparent by providing Virginians with a list of the offenses that require a waiting period before an offender can apply to have his or her rights restored. It will also empower more Virginians to have their rights restored sooner by removing drug crimes from that list, and changing the waiting period for rehabilitated violent offenders from five years to three.

“Virginians who have made a mistake and paid their debt to society should have their voting rights restored through a process that is as transparent and responsive as possible,” said Governor McAuliffe. “These changes will build on the process Virginia has in place to increase transparency for applicants and ensure that we are restoring Virginians’ civil rights quickly and efficiently after they have applied and observed any necessary waiting period.

“I am pleased to announce that we have restored the voting rights of more than 800 Virginians since I took office, and that this policy will allow my administration to increase our responsiveness to Virginians who have paid their debt to society and wish to have their rights restored.”

Presently, Virginians who have been convicted of a felony can petition to have their rights restored after they have served their prison sentences and paid any necessary restitution. Violent offenders are required to wait 5 years before petitioning to have their rights restored, while nonviolent offenders are eligible to have their rights restored immediately.

Upon taking office, Governor McAuliffe instructed the Secretary of the Commonwealth to review the current policy and recommend ways to make it more open and transparent to Virginians. These changes are likely to be followed by more amendments that further align the Commonwealth’s policy with the Governor’s view that Virginians who have paid their debt to society should not have to jump through unnecessary hoops to have their rights restored.

04/19/14 9:21am
Governor Elect Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced that construction of the I-95 Express Lanes project is more than 70 percent complete, and remains on-schedule to be completed by the end of 2014 and open to traffic in early 2015. The first of nine new bridges being built along the 95 Express Lanes corridor in Northern Virginia, located at Telegraph road near Marine Corps Base Quantico in Stafford County, recently opened to traffic. Steel framework on the remaining new bridges also is complete.

“The progress on the 95 Express Lanes project is a visible reminder of the congestion relief and new travel choices that Virginians will have available to them in less than a year,” commented McAuliffe. “The project has also benefited jobs and business opportunities, particularly for women- and minority-owned businesses as well as small businesses. Steel work was completed by a local disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), Interlock Steelworkers, Inc., exemplifying the Commonwealth’s commitment to providing business opportunities that support jobs and generate economic growth.

To date, the project has infused more than $127 million into the local economy through DBE and small, women, and minority-owned businesses (SWaM). With nearly $193 million committed to more than 131 DBE/SWaM firms so far, the Virginia Department of Transportation and its 95 Express Lanes partners, Transurban and Fluor, are slated to exceed their DBE/SWaM project goals of $189 million.

During the remainder of 2014, crews will continue to build-out the new lanes, while installing and testing new overhead signs, tolling gantries and other traffic management equipment. Other critical work includes constructing new sound walls to provide noise reductions to qualifying adjacent communities; building storm water management ponds; and completing final work on barriers, guardrails, paving and roadways.

The 95 Express Lanes project is a 29-mile upgrade and expansion of the HOV facility on I-95/395. For more information, visit www.VAMegaprojects.com or www.95ExpressLanes.com.

04/18/14 9:58pm

Alexandria Animal Control has sent out the following alert to property owners in the Carlyle/Eisenhower East area of Alexandria, Virginia:

A raccoon sighting in the 2400 block of Eisenhower Avenue on Friday, April 18th is suspected to be rabid. if you have had any contact with a raccoon, please call 703-746-4444 or 571-214-2361.

Rabies is a preventable but deadly viral disease usually spread through the bite of an infected animal.

​How to keep you and your pets safe

  • ​​​Do not feed or approach any wild or stray animals.
  • Do not touch any sick, injured or dead animals
  • Do not let any wildlife on your property. Avoid leaving any household trash, recycling or pet food accessible outdoor​​​s.
  • Make sure your dogs and cats are up-to- date on their rabies vaccinations.
  • Dogs must be on a leash in all public areas and parks.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the yard and do not allow your cat to roam the neighborhood – pets can be harmed by other animals or injured by cars.

​Symptoms of Rabies in Animals:

  • Excessive drooling or foaming at the mouth
  • Erratic walking as if drunk, walking in circles or with unsteady gait
  • Extreme lethargy exhibited by an animal that would normally startle and run away when frightened
  • Unexpected aggression from an animal that would normally startle and run away when frightened

​​If you believe that any member of your family or a household pet has had recent contact with raccoons or other wildlife in this area, please contact Alexandria Animal Control or the Alexandria Health Department.

  • ​Alexandria Animal Control 703-746-4774
  • Alexandria Health Department 703-746-4910 (571-214-2361 after business hours)
  • Police Non-Emergency 703-746-4444

For more information visit www.alexandriava.gov/rabies.