07/07/15 5:27pm


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07/07/15 4:12pm

Community meeting in Alexandria, Virginia on recent homicide in the Braddock Road Metro neighborhood at Charles Houston Rec Center
Last night at the Charles Houston Recreation Center, hundreds of neighbors from the Braddock Road Metro neighborhood and across Alexandria, Virginia attended a community meeting led by the Alexandria Police Department (APD) that addressed the recent ‘shots fired’ calls, shootings and the first homicide of 2015.

APD called the meeting after Shakkan Elliott-Tibbs of Woodbridge was shot and killed last week in the 700 block of North Fayette Street, which is only a few blocks from where the meeting took place.

The meeting started out in the large meeting room but, organizers quickly realized a bigger room would be needed so they moved the meeting to the gymnasium. You can see more photos from the meeting at this link.


07/07/15 2:08pm

Chadwicks in Old town Alexandria, Virginia
After breaking the news late last week that Trae Lamond was the new owner of Chadwicks in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, I got to speak to Mr. Lamond.

Mr. Lamond said he was very grateful to Stephanie Russo, widow of longtime owner Tom Russo, for the opportunity and he wanted our readers to know that there are no plans to change anything at Chadwicks, one of Alexandria’s most popular joints.

Mr. Lamond mentioned Chadwicks has a couple of new events in the works which as always, our readers will be the first to hear about.

07/07/15 1:32pm

Starbucks - 2040 Jamieson Ave in Carlyle section of Alexandria, VA

This news is prudent given that there are more than one dozen Starbucks stores in Alexandria.

Via USA Today

Starbucks (SBUX) is raising prices again starting Tuesday, with the increases ranging from 5 to 20 cents for most affected drinks, the company said.

The Seattle-based company also raised prices nationally about a year ago.

A small and large brewed coffee will each go up by 10 cents in most areas of the country, Starbucks says. That would bring the price of a large coffee to $2.45 in most U.S. stores.

Some other coffee sellers are cutting prices. Last week, The J.M. Smucker Co. said it would cut prices for most of its coffee products because of declines in future prices for unroasted coffee beans. In an emailed statement Monday, Starbucks Corp. said coffee costs are only part of its expenses, which also include rent, labor, marketing and equipment.

Read more at this link.