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First Thursday in Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia
On the next episode of the Red Brick Town Radio Podcast, on Thursday, September 3, we’re broadcasting LIVE from St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub during First Thursday in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia at 7:00 PM where we’ll be talking with Independent City Council Candidate Phil Cefaratti, Republican City Council Candidate Fernando Torrez, we’ll take your calls, and more!

08/28/15 2:25pm

40 hours per week – Open through September 18, 2015

Archaeology_TrowelThe City of Alexandria is seeking to fill a full-time Archaeologist position in a division of the Office of Historic Alexandria. The City staff work together to preserve, study, and interpret the past: discovering, protecting, and analyzing the history and archaeology of Alexandria to enhance the public’s understanding of our shared heritage. The successful candidate for the current Archaeologist position will take the lead role in laboratory direction, curation, and collections management.

To obtain additional information and apply, go to this link and follow the online instructions.

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In a regional effort with other Northern Virginia Police Departments, Alexandria Police will conduct mobile DWI enforcement effort to deter and apprehend intoxicated drivers on August 29, 2015.  The DWI enforcement will begin at 8:00 PM on Saturday, August 29, and continue until 4:00 PM on Sunday, August 30. Motorists will be stopped and drivers will be checked to assure that their abilities to drive have not been impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Chief of Police Earl L. Cook reminds drivers that the maximum penalty in Virginia for the first conviction for driving under the influence is 12 months in jail, a $2,500 fine and a 12-month suspension of driving privileges. In addition, there are mandatory jail terms associated with these offenses, depending upon the blood alcohol content of the driver. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles administrative fees may apply as well.

For further details, please call the Public Information Office at 703.746.6600.

08/28/15 1:41pm

The motivating, historic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech was powerfully delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. over 50 years ago and continues to inspire generations of people. Today, August 28, 2015, is the 52nd Anniversary of the speech.

“When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

08/28/15 11:08am

metroAs part of the Authority’s investigation into the cause of an August 6th derailment, WMATA’s technical incident report to the Interim General Manager was released to the public today. The report will be the subject of a special Board of Directors Safety Committee Meeting on September 3. The FULL report is available at this link (PDF).

“While the safety investigation is continuing and subject to review by the Tri-State Oversight Committee (TOC), the operations report reveals that the physical root cause of the derailment was the failure of fasteners to properly hold the rail securely. This was compounded by a lack of systematic, immediate review of data generated during the inspection vehicle runs,” said Safety Committee Chairman Michael Goldman speaking on behalf of the Board. “The investigation is ongoing to determine what caused those fasteners to fail. Further, the wide gauge track condition that went unrepaired was a contributory factor leading to the derailment that should never have occurred.”

According to the Incident Report, a Metro employee operating the Track Geometry Vehicle (TGV) that identified a “Level Black’ rail defect on July 9th mistakenly deleted the information about the defect from the exception report. That report was given to maintenance crews for scheduling immediate repairs to the rail system. Under the then-established protocols, the employee’s report with erroneously-deleted information was not subject to review by any Metro supervisor. The underlying data was not analyzed by other Metro departments for errors until after the derailment occurred on August 6.

“In reviewing the TGV inspection process, we have learned that the derailment was caused by a combination of human error and flawed Metro processes,” Goldman said. “While the employee believed he was deleting a routinely detected anomaly and not an actual rail defect, that such a serious error went undetected with no checks and balances in place reveals gaps in Metro’s safety policies and procedures.”

Still under investigation by Metro’s Safety Department is why the wide gauge condition and the broken fasteners went undetected by Metro track walkers who inspected this area of track on multiple occasions between the TGV run on July 9 and the August 6 derailment.

The Report also documents the immediate actions Metro has taken since August 6 to assure the safety of its passengers. Those include comprehensive inspections and immediate repairs of defects, the thorough review of the track inspection vehicle’s test results with an area manager prior to the generation of the final report for the maintenance crews, making track walker inspections more robust, and engineering reviews by outside experts.

In order to prevent such track safety failures from occurring in the future, the Board’s Safety Committee will review management’s actions and additional process and policy changes, as well as consider the need for “beefed up” safety reporting and consideration of protocols in other safety-critical areas to ensure maintenance crews have the most reliable information possible in order to schedule critical repairs. Further, the Committee will review how effectively the Authority’s System Safety Plan is meeting the safety culture needs of the organization and will examine if sufficient resources are available to meet the priority infrastructure inspection and maintenance requirements.

To view questions and answers about this report, please click this link.

08/28/15 10:57am

Here’s the latest Alexandria Virginia crime report. These are incidents reported by the Alexandria Police Department and published in the weekly Washington Post Alexandria/Arlington Extra.

REMINDER: You can track these crimes yourself using the new RAIDSOnline.com database. You can also view the crime map 24/7 through this link.


08/28/15 10:50am

APD badgeRobberies occurred in the West End of Alexandria

The Alexandria Police Department has arrested a suspect in connection with a series of robberies that occurred in August of 2015, on the West End of Alexandria.

Police arrested Muhammed Jagne, 20, of Alexandria, on August 27, and charged him with Robbery and Attempted Robbery. During the course of investigation, detectives determined the suspect was responsible for the following offenses:

  • August 15: Robbery on the bike trail near 4600 block of Duke Street
  • August 20: Attempted Robbery in the 4600 block of Raleigh Avenue

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call Detective Bikeramjit Gill at 703.746.6751.