05/25/15 6:53am

Craig Fifer
From what I can tell this is a fairly close race so far. Will this endorsement be enough to separate Mr. Fifer from the pack?

Via WaPo

Along the Potomac from south Arlington, through Alexandria and into southern Fairfax County. With the departure of the incumbent, Del. K. Robert Krupicka Jr., five candidates jumped into the primary in this solidly Democratic district. Our choice is Craig T. Fifer , who has the background and skills to make an exceptional member of the state legislature.

Mr. Fifer, chief communications officer for Alexandria, has broad knowledge of local and state issues and has won praise from incumbents for his detailed command of complex legislation. He is widely regarded as an authority on questions of open government, technology and access to public information, and he has a knack for clear and concise presentation.

In addition to his long government service, Mr. Fifer also has extensive hands-on experience as an advocate for abused children in the court system. That background, combining policy savvy and on-the-ground experience, is excellent preparation for a legislator.

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05/24/15 12:38pm

As we told you last month, this summer, visitors to Alexandria, Virginia, can explore an exact replica of the ship that brought the Marquis de Lafayette to George Washington with news of full French aid in 1780, helping turn the tide of the American Revolution.

French tall ship Hermione is currently sailing 3,819 miles across the Atlantic from France to the U.S. to commemorate Lafayette’s historic voyage before docking in Alexandria, the ship’s Washington, D.C. port of call and one of 12 iconic stops on its tour.

CBS News’ Mark Phillips is on board the L’Hermione (a.k.a ‘Freedom’s Frigate’) and filed this report (video) on this morning’s edition of CBS Sunday Morning.

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