11/27/15 9:32am

Grassroots Campaign Invites Public to Share their Local Favorites

There is a new city-wide campaign focused on engaging visitors, shoppers and residents about why they are passionate about the City of Alexandria’s local shopping, restaurants, arts and more. Kicking off in time for Small Business Saturday and the holiday season, #CraveYourLocal is a grassroots campaign that provides a platform for individuals to voice their cravings for the unique qualities that draw them to Alexandria to shop, dine and explore the city’s authentic culture and history.

“Nearly 2/3 of travelers want ‘the real destination’ rather than a commercial tourism product,” said Patricia Washington, President & CEO of Visit Alexandria. “In addition, 70% of American consumers will be shopping at local small businesses and boutiques this holiday season. We want to honor these trends by sharing the authentically local assets and elements that people crave year-round in our beloved city.” (Sources: Destination Analysts State of American Traveler July 2015; Deloitte 2015 Holiday Survey).

The public is invited to share what they crave about Alexandria’s local scene by using the hashtag #CraveYourLocal. An example Tweet would be “I crave the personal attention I get at @BellaCaraVA #CraveYourLocal.” Instagram photos might be captioned “I crave my daily caffeine from Misha’s Coffee! #CraveYourLocal” and “I crave biking to Jones Point Park during sunset. #CraveYourLocal”  (more…)

11/27/15 8:55am

Here’s the latest Alexandria Virginia crime report. These are incidents reported by the Alexandria Police Department and published in the weekly Washington Post Alexandria/Arlington Extra.

REMINDER: You can track these crimes yourself using the new RAIDSOnline.com database. You can also view the crime map 24/7 through this link.


11/27/15 8:38am

APD badgeThe Alexandria Police Department investigated a robbery late yesterday afternoon on Thanksgiving in the 100 block of N. Ripley Street (see below) in the Holmes Run neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Two suspects brandished a firearm and stole a cash from the victim.

There were no injuries reported in this incident.

11/26/15 10:02am

On behalf of my family, here’s to a happy, blessed, and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday to all of our readers and friends at Red Brick Town.

In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s one of my favorite TV Thanksgiving-themed episodes ever – WKRP in Cincinnati ‘Turkey’s Away’. “As God as my witness i thought turkeys could fly…”

May your day be filled with praise, and with family, football, fun, fellowship, and feasting as well.


11/26/15 9:18am

ICYMI, President Barack Obama pardoned a turkey for Thanksgiving in 2015. Obama officially “pardoned” Abe at an annual ceremony Wednesday in the Rose Garden.

‘Abe’ will serve as TOTUS — the Turkey of the United States.

11/25/15 8:17pm

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a rape and abduction that occurred in the 2700 block of Eisenhower Avenue (see below) on November 16, 2015. This is the second rape in Alexandria, Virginia in two (2) months.

At approximately 12:30 a.m., a 23-year-old woman let a man she met through the Internet into her hotel room. The suspect brandished a firearm and raped the victim. She was then forced to leave Alexandria with the suspect. Detectives are investigating the possibility that the victim was also assaulted in another jurisdiction.

The suspect is described as a black male, 6’0” to 6’1”, 180 to 220 lbs.

Anyone with information about this incident or the suspect is asked to contact Detective Amy Santiago with the Alexandria Police Department at 703.746.6289.

11/25/15 11:54am

gas prices
We snapped an earlier station with below $2 a gallon prices about two weeks ago and now Old Town Gas has followed suit. With gas prices likely falling below $40 a gallon, I would make an educated guess that gas prices will be going lower. If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving like me, gas prices are at their lowest since 2008.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the price of oil barrels has dropped due to a simple supply and demand resolution. Due to the new-found oil in the United States, the supply now meets the demand with our ‘homegrown’ oil. As the price of oil barrels continue to drop, the price of gas will continue to drop.

REMINDER: You can use this map on our website to find the lowest gas prices in Alexandria 24/7.