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Bicycling sign in Old town Alexandria, Virginia
I bring this up as I noticed two (2) folks riding a bicycle this morning on the sidewalk on King Street in the prohibited corridor when I was out snapping photos this morning.

About two (2) years ago, the Alexandria City Council in June 2013 revised the bicycling ordinance. Bicycling is PROHIBITED in the following area(s) of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Under Sec. 10-7-4 of the Alexandria code:

Bicycling on the sidewalk shall be prohibited in King Street/Union Street Commercial Zone. This zone is on King Street, from West Street east to the Potomac River, and on Union Street, between Prince Street and Cameron Street.

And just a REMINDER to some of the drivers that pass through our area, Section 10-7-6 states:

Every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway has all rights and is subject to all the duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle except those provisions which by their vary nature can have no application or to the extent that different rights and restrictions are expressly imposed by this chapter or applicable state law.

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George Washington Masonic National Memorial

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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UPDATE (11:15 AM):: ACPS says A/C functioning again at Hammond.

UPDATE (10:43 AM):: ACPS responded to our reader submission on Twitter (see below)…

A concerned citizen reached out to us about a major concern at Francis C. Hammond Middle School which, according to the email, the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) has yet to provide a solution. Are you a parent of a sixth grader at Hammond, or a teacher? What are your thoughts on this?

Dear Red Brick Town

Hello, I apologize for having to use this forum, but I was hoping you could use your platform to help raise awareness about the atrocious teaching and learning conditions in the sixth grade wing at Francis Hammond Middle School. The central air conditioning unit has been inoperable since April, and classroom temperatures are routinely 85-90+ degrees.

There have been reports of teachers and students feeling lethargic, faint, and dizzy and suffering nosebleeds, dehydration, and migraines; unsurprisingly, discipline issues have skyrocketed. Day after day, teachers and students return to the same hostile environment with no more than a “thank you for your patience” acknowledgement.

At last, the district attempted to provide some portable air conditioning units to some classrooms. These lucky classrooms are not so lucky, however. The units do very little to move the hot air; the building is so warm now that even the concrete walls are giving off heat. The building systems manager was at the school today inspecting the system–and his shirt was drenched in sweat.

While savoring the cool of their own offices, the administration has suggested unrealistic solutions such as borrowing other grade level’s classrooms for 1 or 2 periods . This is a continuous attempt to place a band-aid over a basic health and safety issue. Moreover, other wings at Hammond are now starting to have A/C functioning issues as well.

We have received no real updates from ACPS despite numerous phone calls and e-mails. It appears that this is not affecting enough of the ACPS population –or enough of the ACPS population that “counts”– such that a real solution will be found. We are almost in our third month of this chronic, dangerous and completely unacceptable issue.

Please speak out for us. Our basic rights for a safe teaching and learning environment are being repeatedly violated and ignored. It is time for ACPS to actually resolve this issue, or shut down the building until it is safe to return to work.

Thank you for your time.

05/27/15 4:10pm

Vote Here

This spring, the Alexandria City Council approved two precinct changes that will take effect for the June 9 Primary Election.

This action was based on recommendations from the Alexandria Electoral Board and affects about 4,500 voters across three City precincts, Durant Center (1605 Cameron St.), Fire Department Headquarters (900 Second St.), and St. James Church (5000 Echols Ave.):

Addition of a new precinct with Charles Houston Recreation Center as the polling location.

  • A new precinct, Charles Houston Recreation Center (901 Wythe St.), was added in the Old Town area to absorb the population growth near Braddock Metro. The Charles Houston precinct was created from the center of Fire Department Headquarters and Durant Center precincts. This map shows the boundaries for the new Charles Houston precinct.

Hermitage to replace St. James United Methodist Church as a polling location.

  • The Hermitage (5000 Fairbanks Ave.) will replace St. James as a polling place with no change to precinct boundaries. Voting will take place in the Multipurpose Auditorium on the lower level of the Hermitage. The most direct access to this voting room is from Fillmore Avenue (off of North Beauregard Street).

Residents who are affected by one of these changes were recently mailed an updated voter card and information about their new polling location.

The new citywide 2015 Precinct Map is posted at this link (PDF).

For more information, contact Anna Leider, General Registrar, at 703.746.4050.

05/27/15 3:22pm
Eisenhower East Block 20

Image via City of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria Planning Commission will hold its next regular monthly public hearing on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM in City Hall Council Chambers, located at 301 King Street in Alexandria, Virginia. Docket items can be found at this link.

One of the items up for consideration is an extension of development time for a ‘new’ office building project in Eisenhower East at 2200 Mill Road. As readers will remember, this project was part of the Eisenhower Gateway project before the economic climate for new office development took a downturn in Alexandria. This project will consist of two 15-story office buildings totaling 585,000 square feet and 737 parking spaces, the bulk of which are in a below-grade parking garage.

The project has since been sold and the developer is looking to gain approval for  an extension to the date of expiration of a previously approved Development Special Use Permit (DSUP #2012-0003) and an amendment to update various conditions to construct a commercial office building including previous SUP approval for increased penthouse height and additional penthouses; and B) an extension to the date of expiration of a previously approved Transportation Management Plan SUP (SUP #2012-0065) and an amendment to update various conditions.

Readers may remember that the developer recently demolished the existing American Truckers Association building, which has been vacant for several years, in order to pave the way for future office development on the site.

You can view the docket items for this project at this link (staff report).