09/21/14 12:24pm

REMINDERPlease consider sharing a photo of your own pet by emailing it to me at lee[at]redbricktown[dot]us or drop it in our Flickr Pool. Please let us know the name of your pet and the neighborhood where you live.

For today’s pet photo of the day, here is Daisy who lives at Carlyle Towers in Alexandria, Virginia. To see more pet photos, visit this link.

Pet photo of the Day

09/21/14 12:17pm

For our Sunday Brunch links, while you slept, showered, shaved, and got your Starbucks, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and websites to find the most interesting stories in them you might have missed.


09/21/14 8:08am

Redskins Eagles

The Washington Redskins are in Philly today. Here are my keys to beating Chip Kelly’s guys.

  1. Have a good north-south running game between the tackles. No running sideline to sideline. Eagles are quick but, they’re light and they’re terrible tacklers.
  2. Control the ball.
  3. Win the turnover battle.
  4. On defense, keep everything in front of you.

What do you think? Is there a team you are rooting for today? Let’s discuss some NFL!

09/20/14 4:16pm

Sometimes it is easy to forget how much the area you live in has to offer. The Washington DC area is famous for its monuments and politics, but did you know it also has a rich musical scene, complete with talented local bands?

Continuing the tradition of showcasing local music with the #MusicSaturday hashtag, here’s local group America Hearts from Washington, D.C. singing ‘The Space Between Your Ear’ and their top hit ‘Race Car Driver’. Jess Matthews’ indie-folk quartet make some of the most catchy music in D.C. and features Justin Moyer, Sammy Ponzar and Kristina Buddenhagen.

You can find the band at this link and on Facebook at this link.


09/20/14 3:54pm

Weeks ago, I re-introduced the Saturday palate cleanser posts (a.k.a. video of the week) on Red Brick Town. During the week, I post things going on in the neighborhood, about road closures, and news/events happening in the Alexandria, Virginia community. So I thought maybe one post during the week could just be for fun. Therefore, a post that will cleanse the palate.

For this week, with classes back in session at Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), Buzzfeed wants to know – Parents, can you still do fifth grade math problems? How many did you get right?