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Potomac Yard Metrorail station model in Alexandria, Virginia - option B

Recommendation for Consideration by Alexandria City Council

City and National Park Service Reach Agreement on Mitigation

See our previous posts on this project at this link. We told you six (6) months ago that the location would be alternative B.

The Potomac Yard Metrorail Station project reached its next milestone today, as City of Alexandria staff issued a report recommending Alternative B for the construction of a new station.  The report, along with the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) published on March 27, will be the subject of eight public meetings and hearings prior to City Council’s consideration on May 20.

“This report is another important step in moving this vital project forward,” said Mayor William D. Euille. “It represents dedicated and coordinated efforts at the local, state and federal levels, and I thank all involved for their continued diligence.”

Under Alternative B, the new station would be located at-grade, east of the existing Potomac Yard Retail Center (see above model).  This would position the station to leverage the development of the high-density mix of office, retail, restaurant and residential uses envisioned for North Potomac Yard, and the associated community, transportation, and economic development benefits.


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The Eisenhower West Steering Committee will hold its eleventh meeting on Monday, April 27th, 2015 from 7:00-9:00 PM in the Great Room of the Cameron Station Clubhouse, located at 200 Cameron Station Boulevard in Alexandria, Virginia.

Steering Committee meetings are open to the public and members of the community are encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings, as well as the larger community meetings that are being held to solicit input on developing the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan. Meetings will take place over the course of the approximately 18-month planning process, anticipated for adoption in 2015.

Please visit the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan website at this link to see a list of Steering Committee members, meeting agendas, and view updates throughout the planning process.

For additional information or to get involved, contact Radhika Mohan at 703-746-3850.

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Stomping Ground on Mount Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Del Ray Pizzeria recently opened Reserve 2216, which has a Southern flair, and now the same owners are bringing more Southern dishes to Del Ray with the long in the making new joint called ‘Stomping Ground‘, which is located at 2309 Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray.

We posted about Del Ray’s newest joint which is opening soon at this link. They announced recently that the April opening has been delayed until May. They are also still hiring and looking for front of the house help (Baristas & Coffee Enthusiasts).

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Enjoy an evening that will give you a “Taste of Cinco de Mayo” with food, music and dance. Mexican culinary delights start your evening sponsored by local restaurants. Food sponsors to date are South Austin Grill, Los Toltecos and Dos Amigos. The Quetzales Mexican Dance Ensemble, Northern Virginia’s premier Mexican folkloric performing company will provide a spectacular 30 minute performance beginning at 6:30 PM.

At 7:30 PM, Ocho de Bastos, a Latin jazz band will culminate the evening’s festivities and get you on your feet with the Latin beat.

Advanced tickets are $5 per person, $15 per family. At door tickets are $10 per person, $20 per family. Children must be accompanied by one adult. To register online, visit this link.

The “Taste of Cinco de Mayo” will be held at the Durant Arts Center, located at 1605 Cameron Street in Alexandria, Virginia, and is part of the “First Fridays” Series. The Series is a project of the Office of the Arts, a division of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities.

For additional information, contact Cheryl Anne Colton at 703.746.5565.

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Creating a quality and safe environment for students and our local community to play and exercise is the first step to getting more children active and healthy. This is especially important to our community as 43.5% of children ages 2-5, 23.5% of children ages 6-10, 13.1% of children ages 11-14, and 13.7% of children ages 15-18 are overweight or obese in Alexandria.

Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy (LCTA) in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, last fall had their play area undergo a refurbishment. The grassy portion of the playground had been closed for several months and the Parent Teacher Association at Lyles Crouch recently raised money for an irrigation system for the new turf.

The new field was unveiled today during school hours and will get its first test at Family night tonight.

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George Washington Memorial at night

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Here is our favorite new photo from the Red Brick Town Flickr Pool, depicting the best of Alexandria, Virginia.

Check out this photo of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial at night. You can see other Flickr pool submissions we have posted about at this link.

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Old Town Alexandria
I’m so sorry I missed this as I am getting over a viral bug. Last night’s debate topics included issues such as selling City Hall, the BRAC-133 complex at Mark Center, parking, King Street bike lanes, taxes, and more. I will definitely be at the next one.

Via WaPo

The first faceoff between the candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Alexandria’s mayor heated up Thursday over an issue that all three agreed upon — the historic City Hall and Market Square plaza are not for sale.

Allison Silberberg, the vice mayor in her first term on the City Council, attacked Mayor William D. Euille for speculating to a weekly newspaper last summer that one way to deal with the estimated $56 million in repairs needed for the 144-year-old structure would be to sell it and move the seat of government west.

“I don’t think it’s funny, and it’s caused a lot of fear,” said Silberberg, 51, a writer whose campaign is based on “thoughtful, appropriate development” and preservation of the city’s historic districts. “This is the heart and soul of Old Town. The very founding of our country is connected to that spot and if we don’t care about that, what do we care about?”

Euille, 64, running for his fifth term as mayor but facing primary opponents for the first time since 2003, asserted that he will not sell City Hall, but added that any business or corporation would consider all its options when faced with massive costs to repair the heating and air-conditioning system and other basic systems within its headquarters.

“No one has more connection to City Hall’s history than myself,” he said, pointing out that when he looks out his office window, he sees Market Square, where slaves were sold. Euille is the city’s first African-American mayor.

Read more at this link.

I have one question – Kerry Donley is quoted in the piece saying Alexandria should focus more on ‘smart growth’. Hasn’t the City been doing that already??

(Red Brick Town Flickr Pool photo by Jeff Self, on Flickr)