Zikrayet Restaurant To Become Sushi Naru (Open Thread)

UPDATE: Reader Steve clarifies what happened to the Zikrayet restaurant in the comment section below. I have updated the post to reflect that.

Zikrayet, the Lebanese restaurant located at 540 John Carlyle Street, is going bye bye. The new lessee of the space has applied for an administrative SUP at the City of Alexandria’s planning department for a change of ownership of the SUP. The new restaurant will be called ‘Sushi Naru.’

You can view the SUP at this link. The last day for public comment is tomorrow.

Was Zikrayet Sold?

H/T Nicole

One Comment

  • The restaurant did not change owners, Z’s lease was terminated by the property owner for continued issues they had with the homeowners and Post Properties. The city never thought through the SUP they issued allowing a nightclub like atmosphere in a mixed use building. The new tenant is a welcome change especially for the homeowners in close proximity to that space.