Accident At John Carlyle Square Park (Photos) (Update)

It appears that after talking to several witnesses at John Carlyle Square Park that an SUV ran up on the curb sometime after 8:00 p.m. Saturday night, barreled through the bollards on the east side of the stage area, and came to rest on the west side of the park near the Potbelly Sandwich shop.

The community’s property manager has been notified and we hope to get this area cleaned up this week. There is a definitive smell of oil in the stage area now as the SUV leaked a considerable amount as it went across the stage area.

Here are photos of the aftermath of the incident.

UPDATE: After confirming with a few witnesses who were at the scene, the accident stemmed from an SUV that was traveling entirely too fast coming up Jamieson Ave from Holland. The SUV hit the curb, bounced up and through the bollards and landed on the passenger side of the vehicle where it then slid across the stage (Wow).

Several folks helped the driver out of the vehicle whereupon he promptly fled the scene. Witnesses reported to us that the driver appeared intoxicated. The driver was arrested over the weekend in Fairfax County when he tried to report his vehicle as stolen.

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