Harris Teeter Opens a New Store in Old Town Alexandria With a Catch

Harris Teeter Old Town Grand Opening

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Harris Teeter welcomed shoppers to its new Madison & St. Asaph store at The Kingsley last night on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014. There was quite a crowd for the ‘Taste of Teeter’ event (another shot of the Madison Street crowd is here). While I was at the store, I learned of an important development surrounding the store. More on that in a moment…

Harris Teeter Old Town Grand Opening

Here’s a short review (after the jump…).

In a word, all I can say is WOW! This is upscale shopping with good prices at its finest. One thing you notice when you enter the store is how bright the store is. I asked a Harris Teeter representative who mentioned that the same lights in use here are in use in the other stores. The other thing that was impressive was the underground parking. As a shopper of the nearby Trader Joe’s, the underground parking for this store is MUCH easier.

Harris Teeter Old Town Grand Opening

The store was designed to be very upscale and according to the Harris Teeter people I spoke to at the event, this is the way they design all of their stores. This means you get things like an IMPRESSIVE wine display.

Harris Teeter Old Town Grand Opening

FANTASTIC looking pizza at the pizza station.

Harris Teeter Old Town Grand Opening

A pastry area that rivals Whole Foods.

Harris Teeter Old Town Grand Opening

And more! You can see more photos of the new Harris Teeter I took at this link.

I did take time to ask various shoppers who were at the event what their first impressions of the store were. I heard words like ‘spacious’, ‘wow’, ‘impressive’, ‘outstanding’. I also asked them where they shopped and the current Harris Teeter shoppers if they would shop at this store instead of the current Harris Teeter. They all said they would because of the convenience. A few Trader Joe’s shoppers said they would shop here because the parking was better.

Now, as for that development…

Harris Teeter aims to operate the location 24 hours-a-day 7 days a week. Except there’s some confusion about that. Sources tell me that the application to build the store that was submitted by Buchanon Partners (DSUP can be found at this link), as owners of the property, was understood by the City of Alexandria to NOT allow Harris Teeter to operate the store for 24 hours but, from a 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM timeframe.

So, in order to resolve this, according to sources, the City Manager’s office has agreed to allow Harris Teeter to continue operating for 24 hours but, to come back to the City to gain approval for the 24 hour operation. This will not be done via an administrative SUP process and will require Planning Commission approval and a City Council public hearing. Will it revive some of these arguments? My sources tell me the City will attempt to fast track the new application which has already been submitted to the City.

What are your thoughts on the new store? Would this make you change where you shop?

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  • Think that is exciting. Wait till the Alexandria Wegmans opens up in the next few months.

  • re: HT, if it’s anything like their Potomac Yard store, it’ll be a great addition. I don’t care about 24hrs particularly, but 6am-Midnight would be helpful.

    re: Wegmans, Can we stop calling an area that’s practically on post @ Ft Belvoir “Alexandria” already? The USPS recently corrected such misnomers in the Richmond area so that places 10 miles from the city line no longer had Richmond addresses; it’s well past time to do the same here.

  • So happy to have another grocery store within walking distance! I really hope the city does not block them from being 24 hours. Now there is somewhere to get food on the way back from a late night out on King St. 🙂

  • Love having an HT even closer to home than the one at Potomac Yards. . . but despite the word about garage parking here being “easier” than at Trader Joe’s, I’m skeptical. Negotiating our minivan at Whole Foods, TJ’s, or the Potomac Yard HT is never fun.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Rocket — when your real estate is out even beyond Kingstowne, you’re not Alexandria. Call yourself Ft. Belvoir, or Lorton, or unincorporated Fairfax County. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that anyone from the City is going to fight ten miles of traffic to patron your store.

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