Sugar Shack Donuts is NOW OPEN for Business in Alexandria

Sugar Shack Donuts Alexandria, Virginia logo
As we told you first almost three months ago, Sugar Shack Donuts is bringing its mega-deliciousness northward to Alexandria (see other posts here) in the Braddock Road Metro/Parker Gray area of Alexandria. Sugar Shack has the Lost Dog Cafe as a neighbor in the retail portion of the Belle Pre Apartments located on North Henry Street in Alexandria.

They are NOW OPEN for business (with a few caveats).

The long-awaited bakery/coffee shop is owned by Alexandria’s delegate Rob Krupicka (an avid runner and long time fan of the donuts) and is located at 804 North Henry Street in the Braddock Road Metro neighborhood of Alexandria.

NOTE(S): The bakery/coffee shop will be OPEN during LIMITED hours the next few days during their soft open (see their Facebook page for details). UNLESS you see something different, they will be open at the hours stated below. Also, there may be limited coffee service while the staff gets up to speed. NOTE: Business starts TOMORROW @ 0845. Patience readers! REMINDER: They are still training staff.

So what are the important details, what does the bakery/coffee shop look like, and most importantly what about the donuts?

The store will be open Mon-Thu 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Fri 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM, Sat 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM, and Sun 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM (NOTE limited hours during the opening few days…). When you come in, here’s what it looks like. You can recognize the entrance by the logo on the doors) and the shop seats about 22-25 indoors. Rob says he may work with the City to get outdoor seating in the spring, summer, and fall.

Rob said they take pre-orders. You can call the night before or for large orders, a few days in advance (Yes, they DO weddings). The store number is (571) 406-4734.

One of the cool things about the store, is that customers can write on the walls (see the black portion of the wall below) and you certainly MUST check out the donut wallpaper (orange of course).

Sugar Shack Donuts in Alexandria, Virginia

The store will have the now famous yarn donuts from the yarn bombers at DIY Del Ray as part of the interior design (They look great!).

Yarn donuts at Sugar Shack Donuts in Alexandria, Virginia

One of the cool things about the Sugar Shack company is that they believe in ‘No Labels’. This mural on the back wall explains more.

Sugar Shack Donuts in Alexandria, Virginia

Two things the company is REALLY serious about – good donuts and good coffee. For their really good coffee, they use Zeke’s Coffee out of Baltimore. One of the neat things I am eager to see in operation is the shop has two Yama towers that makes iced drip coffee. And by drip, I mean literally one drip at a time. According to Rob, the Yamas take about 12 hours to make the coffee.

Zeke's coffee at Sugar Shack Donuts in Alexandria, Virginia

Now to the donuts…

Rob says Sugar Shack Donuts is to Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts like what Shake Shack is to McDonald’s – very different. The store uses FRESH ingredients and hand rolls all their dough and makes each single donut by hand rather than mass produce them. The donut decorators get to decide daily what donuts will be in the case so you likely won’t find the same thing each day (they’ll also have these at different times too). Rob said his fave is the ‘Chai’ and the staff is working on a donut to pay tribute to Alexandria that will be unique to their store (probably not ready for opening though…).

How do they taste? Amazing. As you can see below the donuts are quite bigger than the competition. You can really tell the difference between these donuts and what you get at a competitor. I could really taste the fresh ingredient in the one’s I had. My wife had a bite and she said it was ‘a slice of heaven’.

Please join me in welcoming Sugar Shack Donuts to Alexandria!

Sugar SHack Donuts in Alexandria, Virginia