Alexandria, Virginia is a Conservative Town?

Old Town, Alexandria, Va
Based on political donations, the answer is YES

Via WaPo, Crowdpac, an online tool that helps people learn about politicians by analyzing candidates’ political donors and votes, ranked the D.C. area’s neighborhoods based on the liberal or conservative leanings of their residents.

Alexandria, Virginia was ranked the 2nd most Conservative neighborhood in the Washington, D.C. area – trailing only Rosslyn, Virginia.

Crowdpac used publicly available federal and state contribution data since the 1980s to determine whether residents donated their money to Republicans or Democrats.

I’m a little stunned given that there are usually FAR more Democrats running than Republicans in a given election. What do you think about this? Is this accurate?

Check it out for yourself at this link.

(Flickr Pool photo by Bill, on Flickr)

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  • You mean more rich conservatives who call Alexandria home. They are far outnumber by Dem voters.

  • Huh? Alexandria a conservative town? No way. Parts of the Mount Vernon District (with an Alexandria zipcode) to its south, perhaps. But NOT the City of Alexandria. Check the election results.

  • Wishful thinking will get them nowhere.
    They must be thinking of red state Alexandria, below Washington Street. Up in my neighborhood, we’re a beautiful, deep shade of blue.

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