Del Ray’s Al’s Steakhouse CLOSED for Good in Alexandria? #Developing

Al's Steak House in Del Ray

Has Al’s Steakhouse Closed for Good?

UPDATE (5:55 PM): I am hearing from multiple sources that Al’s Steakhouse is re-opening SOON. I am trying to confirm this now. Will update as soon as I hear more.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the longtime Del Ray and Alexandria, Virginia institution Al’s Steakhouse has closed its doors for good on Mount Vernon Avenue. Question is, has the business been sold?

I know we’ve been the bearer of some really bad news in Alexandria, Virginia lately and this one, for me and I’m sure many others, hits hard. Many years ago, Owner John Severson, who passed away recently, was SO nice to me when I was homeless on the streets of Alexandria.

I second the feeling of this Yelp commenter

Prayers to John Severson as he must be rolling in his grave after having Al’s close up so soon after his passing last year.

You can read an excellent story on John ‘Big Al’ Severson at this link.

Multiple sources have also confirmed that John’s son Bo has been looking to sell the joint. Sources have mentioned that whoever buys the joint will have to put in an ADA compliant bathroom, as Al’s is the ONLY restaurant in the entire City of Alexandria without public access to a restroom.

What are your thoughts on this??

This is a developing story so, more to come for sure…

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  • hey lee did i read this right in that at one point you used to be homeless? Talk about a success story.

  • I thought I had heard that Yates bought it

    • I do know that Jeff Yates offered $50K for the joint when John was alive and was turned down. I have heard this rumor has surfaced once again and am attempting to confirm it.

  • This such a shame, Al’s will be missed if closed for good,John gave me my first job ever, in the 80’s I met first husband there,Big Red Ronnie Lease

  • John told me Jeff Yates offered him something for it, and it was too low, before he passed.

  • $50, 000 for the business only is a pretty damn good price if you are selling. I understand Al’s generates a lot of cash and has a brand (a very local brand), but still, before new owners can absorb that $50,000 they have to worry about rent/mortgage which is no longer cheap in Del Ray these days. And if the food or atmosphere falls of, the new owners are screwed. That said, I hope it re-opens with some minor updates, but the cheesesteaks have to be spot-on. Some updates to the dining area are cool, but don’t screw with the facade too much.

  • I was there 2 weeks ago getting a large steak egg and cheese. The nice lady there told me to come back before christmas, b/c they were going to be closed a few weeks for vacation….

    if this is coinciding w/ this “closing”, then they are just rejuvenating themselves.

    I hope that’s what she meant and what ppll are seeing, when it looks closed. It is closed, as they are on vacation, but they should be back mid January.

    I hope I am the bearer of good news, but that’s what I can share, since i was there recently…..IT BETTER NOT BE GONE FOR GOOD!!!!

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  • It is such a relief to hear that Al’s Steakhouse is re-opening soon. It is one of the best Steak house in the town. Can’t wait for the re-opening.

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