Food Trucks Spotted in Old Town Alexandria

We are in Alexandria for the first time ever and it is legal! Across from Hilton Hotel on King St. Enjoy your day : )

Posted by Loopy's Eatery on Monday, June 13, 2016

Food Trucks Spotted Vending in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia for the first time

This is an update to this post. On May 10, the Alexandria City Council voted to allow food truck vendors to operate in three designated, on-street locations on public property in addition to previously approved off-street locations.

On-street food truck vending was approved in the following areas:

  • 800 block of N. West Street, north of Madison Street, near the Braddock Road Metro;
  • the 1700 block of King Street adjacent to King Street Gardens; and
  • The 2200 block of Eisenhower Avenue, near Mill Road.

To operate a food truck in the City of Alexandria, food truck vendors are required to obtain a Health Department Permit, inspections from both the Health Department and Fire Department, a City of Alexandria Business License, and a Mobile Food Truck Permit.

A reader tipped us off to the Loopy Eatery’s truck which was vending at lunch today in the Upper King Street neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia at the designated King Street Gardens location.

(H/T Jennifer)