Help Catch this ‘Wreath Thief’ in Parker Gray

At approximately 3:30 AM this morning, a woman walked up to the house of a reader who lives in the Parker Gray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia and took their wreath right off the front door. This occurred in the Princess Street & North Fayette area of Parker Gray.

If you know who this is, please contact Alexandria Police or contact me and I can put you in contact with the homeowner.

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  • Looks like a down on her luck millennial headed to her first yoga session in OT. I wonder if APD could pull some CCTV footage from near by cameras to get a better look and see where she was headed after that. I bet they put a whole squad on this investigation. Also of note…why do you have a wreath up in the middle of summer??

  • Just an early bird with good taste, doing her bit to class up the neighborhood by getting rid of tacky door decorations.

  • Being up at 330 is hardly a millennial type thing to do. Millennialist are useless except for when they cry about not getting the recognition they deserve. I should know I raise 3 of them currently.

  • Just wait a day she will probably brag about her exploits on Facebook, snap chat and Twitter and then you have her.

  • I heard millenials are the reason why my favorite “Old Town Shops” have closed.

  • These comments are so classy. Keep it up, old timers; we’ll choose your nursing home.

    • Hardly. What a weak generation. Just go back to playing your Pokemon game and lead us productive ol timers alone.

  • I can wait to see the stereotypes commenters will feel the need to perpetuate when they note the race of a suspect.

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