The Alt-Right Movement Sets Up Shop in Alexandria

Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer

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Alt-Right Leader Reportedly Rents Townhouse in Alexandria

UPDATE (1/14 4:02 PM): Adjusted post to reflect townhouse was rented not purchased.

UPDATE (1/14 – 3:03 PM): Multiple sources knowledgeable about the transaction confirm the townhouse rented by Richard Spencer is in Old Town at 1001 King Street. The townhouse is located ABOVE Bluprint Chocolatiers.

UPDATE (1/14 – 11:38 AM): We have confirmed from multiple sources at City Hall that the townhouse mentioned in the article below is within the City limits. Still tracking down the exact location.

ICYMI, this caught my attention yesterday. I have heard from two sources the townhouse mentioned in the article is in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. For postal purposes, the use of Alexandria stretches into Fairfax County and the media often is not specific about that. We’re trying to confirm if the townhouse is in the City limits.  

Via The Atlantic

Richard Spencer, one of the best-known leaders of the white nationalist movement that has adopted the name “alt-right,” has—by his standards—been laying relatively low lately. Spencer’s never shied away from the media, but an outbreak of Nazi salutes caught on video by The Atlantic at his organization’s conference in November caused an overwhelming uproar, making Spencer a target within his own movement and threatening his carefully cultivated image as the alt-right’s approachable face.

Add to that a planned neo-Nazi march against Jews in Spencer’s town of Whitefish, Montana, stemming from his feud with a local woman whom he accused of harassing his mother, a dilletantish congressional-run trial balloon, and getting banned from Twitter for a while, and it hasn’t been the best couple of months for Spencer. Meanwhile, the movement he takes credit for naming has been riven by internal feuds over “Hailgate.”

This month, Spencer’s rebooting again: He is renting a “hub” for the alt-right movement in a townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. Spencer and Jason Jorjani, the editor-in-chief of Arktos, a publishing arm associated with the alt-right, have bought the domain name Spencer and Jorjani met at the conference for the National Policy Institute, Spencer’s innocuously named think tank, where attendees gave Nazi salutes as Spencer shouted “Hail Trump” from the stage. They quickly formed a bond, and are now joining forces to brand themselves as the intellectual leaders of the alt-right.

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  • Must be a rental? Checked zillow and city government site and that address seems like a rental property

  • Bluprint Chocolatiers are at 1001 King. The owner is claiming there is an apartment above them that might be the location at 1001A King. It is a residential address not a place of business.

  • If the address is 1001 King Street, it’s definitely City of Alexandria, in what is known as “Old Town Alexandria” — the Fairfax County portion of Fairfax, or “Greater Alexandria” (although no one really uses that term) starts at the 95/495 Beltway just south of Old Town, where this address is located.

  • It’s at the corner of Route 1 north (don’t remember if that is Patrick or Henry) and King Street, in Old Town, in the CITY of Alexandria, above the chocolate shop. Gross, wish he would go away. He has nothing positive to add to the great City of Alexandria.

  • I actually viewed and was looking to rent 1001 King St. two weeks before he rented it. What I’ve been told is that the landlord is a woman based out of Great Falls who bought both apartments above Bluprint and redid them to rent. She apparently travels for a living. 1001 King was on the market for 252 days when I viewed it, due to it being considered over priced at $2,999 per month. I ended up putting an application for the full price and was told that “another party” offered more than asking. So much for background checks….

  • I really wish the news would stop legitimizing these people by calling them Alt-Right. Call them what they are, white supremacists and neo-Nazis in suits, not what they want to be called.

    • Ironic that those who railed against “PC Culture” are themselves the biggest snowflakes.

      To paraphrase Jake Blues, I hate Alexandria Nazis.

      • Walk it off, lampshades; you’ve cried wolf so many times, no one cares what you have to say.

        I welcome Spencer to the neighborhood – it should be fun watching (((Silberberg))) flop around in apoplectic rage.

        • It was a lot of fun watching your boy get laid out by a scrawny, 120lb Jewish dude yesterday. Mazel tov!

  • The landlord and owner of 1001 King Street is Mawash Wasiq. She works for the World Bank and owns a couple properties.

  • What is sad is that this hate group is masquerading as “alt-right” when in fact the alt-right was libertarian since Ron Paul began protesting the Federal Reserve. I remember when Ron Paul had maybe a dozen protesters with him back in the late ’80s and in 1999 when both parties approved the repeal of Glass-Steagall and signed onto NAFTA, and that’s when the Ron Paul protests starting getting hundreds and even thousands of people joining him.

    Breitbart has taken up the mantle of libertarian conservatives against crony corporate control of our gov’t. These pretenders to “alt-right” are just dressed up Klan members. If you can’t distinguish between the two that is to your shame. Almost like confusing soclialists and national socialists. There is a difference.

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