UPDATE (1:19 PM): Media and Virginia State Police at crime scene in Alexandria, Virginia’s Beverly Park.

UPDATE (1:16 PM): APD is now classifying the suspicious death as a homicide. Click this link for details.

UPDATE (1:02 PM): You can find NBC 4’s video report on this death at this link.

UPDATE (12:39 PM): Added Emily Miller’s video from Fox 5

UPDATE (11:23 AM): Posted photos of road closures from WUSA9 as well as sign from park with APD update.

UPDATE (10:31 AM): Updated info from NBC Washington

If you see quite a few Alexandria Police Department vehicles in the Beverly Park area of Alexandria, Virginia this morning, here’s why.

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As readers know, rising 2nd grader Ainsley McDermott has been having lemonade stands this summer to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

She has some REALLY GREAT lemonade and ice tea (sometimes cookies and other treats as well) and is doing good in her community. The stand is OPEN today from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Scroggins Road in Alexandria.

The treats are FREE – All she asks in return, is that you make a donation. She delivers to your car (or bike)!

So, if you’re in the area today, stop on by and help Ainsley continue to do good in her community.

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kenwood avenue
UPDATE (6:04 PM):: This has affected DASH Bus service in the area.

If you in the North Ride/Fairlington area tonight, be wary of this obstruction on Kenwood Avenue between Valley Drive and Crestwood Drive. You can take Valley Drive to Crestwood Avenue to get around this until the City of Alexandria responds. Looks like the tree is blocking both lanes of the roadway.

(Image via @296Winnie on Twitter)

Via WTOP, from the photos I have seen of the accident, it’s amazing the motorcyclist survived the accident which happened at around 4:30 PM Tuesday at the Church of Saint Clement on N. Quaker Lane.

You can see photos from the tragic accident scene at this link, this link, and this link from our friend Wayne Hulehan. WTOP has a photo from INSIDE the church building. See link above.

From the photos I have seen of the accident, it’s amazing the motorcyclist survived. You can see photos from the tragic accident scene at this link, this link, and this link from our friend Wayne Hulehan. You can also see MyFoxDC’s photos here.

Via MyFoxDC

A motorcycle crashed through a window of a church daycare in Alexandria leaving five children and the biker injured.

The accident happened at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Church of Saint Clement on N. Quaker Lane.

Police say a white car was trying to make a left turn across N. Quaker Lane when it collided with a motorcyclist traveling northbound on the road.

“The bike flew into the window,” said a 7-Eleven store employee who witnessed the crash. “The guy just went flying so high.”

The motorcycle went through the window of the daycare. The church rector said ten young children and their teacher were inside at the time.

Police say five of those children went to the hospital, but were not seriously hurt. The man on the motorcycle was also hospitalized and is in serious condition. The driver of the car is expected to be okay.

Police are investigating to see if speed was a factor in the crash. In fact, the police department has been watching for speeding on the street recently.

“There was a couple of weeks ago that was part of a proactive campaign to try to get people to slow down,” said Ashley Hildebrandt, spokesperson for the Alexandria Police Department. “It wasn’t the result of any complaints or anything that have been logged.”

But residents who live close by say speed has been a problem on N. Quaker Lane for a while.

Read more at this link.

City of Alexandria Police Department
Via APD, the Alexandria Police Department is assisting Metro Transit Police with an investigation in the 2400 block of Central Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia (see below). Expect police activity in the area.

Likely has to do with arrest of father in connection to this morning’s abduction at King Street Metro Station in Alexandria.

(Photo by Cliff, on Flickr)

Alexandria, Virginia's historic Mount Ida residence in the North Ridge neighborhood
The 200-year-old dwelling, located in the North Ridge neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia was home to descendants of the founder of Alexandria, John Alexander, and an order of nuns. The listing for this home is at this link.

Via Where We Live

In 1669, John Alexander bought 6,000 acres along the Potomac River for 6,000 pounds of tobacco and the cask that held it. Part of that land later became Alexandria. Although neither John nor his sons or grand­children lived on the land, Charles Alexander, a sixth-generation descendant of John, built a home on the uplands overlooking the Potomac River valley.

Named after the highest point on the Greek island of Crete, Mount Ida was constructed sometime between 1800 and 1808.

It began as a two-story brick residence before being expanded and embellished over the years. The house is the only still-standing Alexander family home from that period.

In 1942, an order of Roman Catholic nuns bought Mount Ida. The Sisters of the Holy Cross renovated and enlarged the home, turning it into a convent. They used the front parlor as their chapel.

Mount Ida became a ­single-family home again in 1992, when Paul and Diane Mahefky bought it. Their renovations to the home were featured in Betsy Wells Edwards’s book, “Virginia Country: Inside the Private Historic Homes of the Old Dominion.”

With almost every owner putting an imprint on it, Mount Ida has undergone massive structural changes. Rooms were added across the front of the house. The facade was made grander by adding Ionic columns and a stately stone-and-brick staircase that leads to sweeping porches. A family room was joined to the home in 1985.

Read more at this link.

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