Country star Trace Adkins with Donna Windsor at Windsor of Old Town in Alexandria, virginia (Photo via Facebook)
Country star Trace Adkins, who appeared on president Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ TV show, was in town for the Inauguration of president Donald Trump.

On Friday before the Inaugural Balls, Mr. Adkins and his girlfriend Victoria Pratt stopped by Windsor of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia to get styled. In business since 1981, Windsor of Old Town offers the best in hair design, nail treatments, skin and body treatments, and massage.

Mrs. Windsor did Ms. Pratt’s hair while her son Stephen took care of Mr. Adkins. For more about Windsor of Old Town, visit this link.

Victoria Pratt ! Styled her hair for the ball tonight! Have fun!

Posted by Donna Burt Windsor on Friday, January 20, 2017

(Photo via Facebook)

Kiwanis Club adopts roads in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia near the waterfront

Kiwanis Club efforts will keep Windmill Hill Park and the waterfront litter-free

The Kiwanis Club of Alexandria has joined efforts with the city to help keep Old Town and the waterfront litter-free. As an official member of the city’s Adopt-a-Block Litter Program, the Kiwanis Club has adopted the streets around Windmill Hill Park—including sections of Union, Lee, Wolfe, and Gibbon streets. By adopting these roadways along Alexandria’s waterfront park system, the Kiwanis Club hopes to foster appreciation for the city’s natural beauty and help maintain the facilities for everyone’s enjoyment.

“Our club has been around for nearly 100 years,” explained club secretary Bill Allison. “Our primary commitment is to the children of Alexandria. We chose Windmill Hill Park because it is a great park for kids and the Kiwanis Club wants to do its part to keep it clean.” Kiwanis vice president Anthony Smith added that the club is excited to be contributing to such a vital area of the city. “Windmill Hill Park itself—with its playground, volleyball pit, and basketball court—is a great city resource. Combined with the shoreline rehabilitation the city is planning along Union St, this area will only get better. Our club is happy to be a part of that improvement.”

The Kiwanis Club has dedicated itself to collecting litter in the area around Windmill Hill Park at least four times per year. The first cleanup event will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 22.

Anyone interested in participating in this program or other service projects is encouraged to contact the club at (571) 969-7641.

BurgerFi in Old Town Alexandria, virginia

BurgerFi Franchise replacing Pat Troy’s Ireland’s Own

This is this post. After gaining approval from the City of Alexandria in 2015, sources have confirmed that the new BurgerFi franchise will now open its doors for a soft opening’ on Monday, September 26 in the former Ireland’s Own space located at 111 N. Pitt Street in Old Town.

The Florida-based burger chain boasts a “better burger concept” that focuses on all-natural, free-range beef without steroids, antibiotics, chemicals or additives. Burgerfi also sells fresh-cut fries, onion rings, Kobe beef hot dogs, quinoa veggie burgers, craft beer and wine in its environmentally friendly restaurants.

View the BurgerFi menu online.

According to planning documents filed with the City, the Old Town Alexandria BurgerFi location will seat 200 (outdoor seating included). The hours stated on the application are 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM. I have also heard they will be selling beer and wine.

As you can see below, they are hiring. You can view their job openings online.

BurgerFi in Old Town Alexandria, virginia

City of Alexandria to Review Noise Ordinances Regarding Busking

This is an update to this post. The City of Alexandria is reviewing noise ordinances regarding busking, following the recent arrest of a street performer.

Krista Clouse - the Old town Alexandria, Virginia Opera singer that was arrested for busking

Shortly before 10 p.m. on Friday, September 2, an Alexandria police sergeant observed Krista Clouse performing near the corner of King and N. Lee Streets in Old Town.  The sergeant informed Ms. Clouse that while she was free to continue singing, she could not use a speaker system without a permit.  After the singer continued to use the speaker system, she was arrested and brought before a magistrate.  The magistrate issued a warrant for a misdemeanor noise violation and released Ms. Clouse pending a trial date.

After reviewing the arrest, the Commonwealth’s Attorney advised the City that this type of noise violation should have first been addressed by a civil notice of violation.  If a written order to cease or abate was thereafter issued, and a person refused to comply with the written order, a criminal arrest would have been appropriate.  As a result, the case will not be prosecuted, and the charge will be dropped.

“I would like to publicly apologize to Ms. Clouse for the way this situation was handled,” said City Manager Mark B. Jinks.  “While we are obligated to enforce certain restrictions, we did not follow the correct procedure in this case.”

The City is reviewing this arrest and the general application of noise ordinances to street performers, so that performers, enforcement staff, and the community have a clear understanding of the rules.  The City’s goal is to ensure that performers’ rights are protected while also addressing neighborhood concerns and maintaining Alexandria’s active street performance scene.

During the initial review period, police officers and other enforcement staff will seek voluntarily compliance if noise violations are reported or observed.  By mid-September, the City will issue clear guidelines to staff and the community regarding enforcement.  Staff will follow with a comprehensive review of all City noise ordinances and will recommend any needed changes to City Council.

(Photo credit: @KristaMonique on Twitter)

Street lights in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

UPDATE (12:56 PM): Post updated with correct date of meeting (Wednesday). Thank you readers!

Wednesday night (September 7), the City of Alexandria will be seeking approval from the Board of Architectural Review – Old & Historic District to replace aging existing ‘Gadsby’ Street lights around the Old Town Alexandria, Virginia area.

BAR2016-00274 Alexandria Historic Street Light Replacement Project 301 King St

(Courtesy image)

The majority of the existing Gadsby Street Lights are now 50 years old and deteriorated, particularly because the base of the pole was buried beneath the sidewalk brick for aesthetic reasons and these hidden bases have rusted in this damp environment. They are reaching the end of their useful life and a large-scale replacement program must be implemented before the lights become a public safety liability.

The Department of Project Implementation requests approval to replace the existing, failing ‘Gadsby’ street lights located in the Gadsby Street Light District (partially within the Old and Historic Alexandria District, partially in the Parker-Gray District, and partially outside either district near the King Street Metro and Duke Street).

The overall height of the new street light will match the existing Gadsby light at approximately 15.5 feet, with the base measuring four feet, the shaft eight feet and the light fixture with finial three and a half feet (Click on image at right for larger view). The base will be a fluted decorative cylinder topped with a tapered fluted pole shaft. The light fixture will be made of a lantern-style fixture with four panels of frosted glass. The top of the fixture will have an eagle. The fixture will also have the ability for the City to add banners to the street lights.

You can read the staff report on this project at this link.

BAR2016-00274 Alexandria Historic Street Light Replacement Project 301 King StA

(Courtesy image)

New location of Nicecream Factory in Old town Alexandria, virginia

Photo credit: Google Maps

Arlington based Nicecream Factory opening up shop in Old Town

According to planning documents filed this week with the City (PDF), Nicecream Factory, located on Clarendon Blvd in Arlington, is opening a new shop at 726 King Street in Old Town Alexandria. The shop will be replacing the Jeymi Salon & Spa. The salon has apparently closed based upon reader input below. We have heard that the rent is this space has run fairly high.

According to their website, Nicecream uses a freezing agent and liquid nitrogen which allows them to freeze the ice cream on the spot in front of guests, creating the freshest handcrafted cup of ice cream. Their slogan is ‘It’s not just ice cream – it’s Nicecream’.

Here, Sandra Tran and her business partner Gilbert Welford discuss the Nicecream process…

They plan on having 250 to 400 patrons a day with 3 employees per shift for a total of 6 employees per day.

The proposed hours of operation for the new store will be:

  • Monday through Wednesday 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
  • Thursday and Sunday 11:00 a.m.until 10:30 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

If you have any comments regarding the request, please contact Planning and Zoning staff at(703) 746-4666 or email the Planner associated with this case no later than September 22, 2016.

Street Opera Singer Krista Clouse Arrested for Busking in Alexandria

This is an update to this post. Krista Clouse, the beautiful opera singer you have likely heard around Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, was arrested Friday night in Old Town.

Busking (singing) is LEGAL on the streets of Alexandria without a permit. However, if you use a noise amplification device, you need a permit. Ms. Clouse has said that the tips she earns while singing on the street help support her family.

Ms. Clouse, who was recently not permitted to sing on Torpedo Factory property, was busking on Friday night when she was approached by Alexandria Police officers (see video above) in the 200 block of King Street who informed her that sans permit, she was in violation of noise ordinance 11-5-4b. When she refused to stop singing with the device, she was arrested and later released on her own recognizance.

We were tipped to this video of her singing yesterday (Sunday, September 4) near the White House (That’s NBC 4’s Darcy Spencer doing a live hit on the left). The video got me thinking. As the video is playing, what is louder, the device or Ms. Clouse’s voice?

What do you think?

It remains unclear that, while Ms. Clouse has been singing on the streets of Old Town for some time, why Ms. Clouse was suddenly approached Friday night by Alexandria Police.

(H/T DCFred)

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