Earlier this summer, the City of Alexandria, Virginia urged commuters to ‘Rethink your Commute’ during SafeTrack 3 & 4 in Alexandria. Ridership on Metrorail plunged 70%+ during this time frame. Instead of taking Metrorail, I now rideshare (carpool) with friends. Other friends I know have started biking to work after SafeTrack.

So we wanted to know, have you changed your commute to and from work after SafeTrack?

Poll is OPEN through Sunday, August 21. Let us know in the comments below, how did your commute change in Alexandria (or if it is the same)?

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Donald Trump Hillary CLinton Gary John Dr. Jill Stein

Last week, we conducted an unscientific online poll regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election which is less than 90 days away. I must say, for me, I am undecided and leaning toward doing a write-in.

While this wasn’t as big a landslide as I thought it would be (like our annual ice cream poll), here’s what you told us.

Out of 192 votes cast, Hillary Clinton came away with 57.81% of the vote (111 votes).

Some takeaways:

  • In recent elections, the Democratic candidate has won 70%+ of the vote in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • In 2008, Gary Johnson received .75% of the vote and Dr. Jill Stein received .25% of the vote in Alexandria, Virginia. In this poll, Governor Johnson received almost as many votes as Mr. Trump.
  • With Trump at 13.54% (26 votes), that is about half the percentage that Mitt Romney and John McCain received in Alexandria in the last two elections. This percentage is also about a third of what Bush/Cheney received in Alexandria in 2000 & 2004.

2016 Presidential election - Poll results

Donald Trump Hillary CLinton Gary John Dr. Jill Stein

We are conducting an online poll regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election which is about 90 days away. I must say, for me, I am undecided and leaning toward doing a write-in.

I’ve seen some recent online polls and polls on TV which were quite surprising in their result. Given that Alexandria, Virginia has been named the most Liberal City in Virginia, this is likely though going to lead to a landslide result like our annual ice cream poll.

What do you think the result will be? Poll closes midnight Sunday, August 14.

If you want, tell us why you are voting for the candidate below.

Missing multi-space parking meter in Alexandria, Virginia

I was out this past weekend in the Old Town area and encountered three (3) multi-space meters on the block I was parked at that were out of service. I ended up going around the block to pay for parking before coming back to my car to put the receipt on the dashboard.

So, I thought, I’d pose this question to you, our beloved readers. If you don’t have to pay at a broken single space parking meter, should you still be forced to pay if the multi-space meter(s) are broken or removed? The City says yes. What do you think?

Poll closes Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 12:00 Midnight.

Blessed Sacrament Church - Alexandria, Virginia 02
This Super Tuesday and in the General Election, while many Americans cast their electoral ballots inside schools and other public buildings, some are also required, should they choose to vote in person, to do so inside of church buildings.

We were tagged today in this tweet from outside Blessed Sacrament Church in Alexandria, Virginia.

So, I thought, I’d pose this question to you, our beloved readers. With churches making up 1/3 to 1/2 of all polling places in the United States, should churches be used as polling places?

Poll closes Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 12:00 Midnight.

Snow removal in Alexandria, Virginia
Last week, a blizzard dumped nearly two feet of snow on the Port City of Alexandria, Virginia, well over what the city typically sees over the course of an entire year and a half.

However, it’s not like we haven’t seen snow like this before. During snowmageddon in 2010, a few days after the storm, the City had big dump trucks and front loaders removing large piles of the snow.

Even though the City of Alexandria had something like 80 plows and equipment removing the snow during and after the blizzard, we’re hearing there is still quite a bit of residual effort going on/needed in the City more than a week after the Blizzard of 2016 (e.g. the mini-glacier located in a travel lane above). So, I thought I’d pose the following question to our readers – Are you satisfied with snow removal efforts in Alexandria, Virginia?

Feel free to discuss the snow removal effort below.

The poll closes at midnight February 7.

King Metro

Metro recently acknowledged that service breakdowns may be responsible for declining ridership in the Metro system. So we wanted to know, are you taking Metro less frequently in 2015?

See this link and this link for declining ridership newsworthy items.

As an added discussion item, if you were the new Metro GM, how would you fix Metro?

Poll closes Sunday, November 15 at 12:00 Midnight.

(Flickr Pool photo via Nate Light, on Flickr)

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