Public safety personnel of the Alexandria Fire Department, Alexandria Police Department and Sheriff’s Office were honored this week for their heroic acts of valor at the 2014 Public Safety Valor Awards Ceremony & Luncheon hosted by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. Alexandria Police Officer Peter Laboy, who is recovering from a shooting in Old Town Alexandria, received the ‘Gold Valor’ award.

If you missed the event like I did, the video of the ceremony is above.

Thank you to all our first responders!

Today is tax day but it is also Jackie Robinson Day around Major League Baseball. The day is celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the Hall of Famer breaking baseball’s color barrier and his immeasurable impact on the game of baseball.

Enjoy this mini bio on Jackie Robinson. Did you know that while serving in the military, Jackie Robinson was arrested for refusing to move to the back of a segregated bus? In 1947, he made history when his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers ended racial segregation in Major League Baseball.

Here is a short video biography of Thomas Jefferson, a fellow Virginian, and the draftsman of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. For more information about Thomas Jefferson, visit this link.

(H/T John Gadsby)

I re-introduced the Saturday palate cleanser post (a.k.a. video of the week) on Red Brick Town. During the week, I post things going on in the neighborhood, about road closures, and news/events happening in the Alexandria, Virginia community. So I thought maybe one post during the week could just be for fun. Therefore, a post that will cleanse the palate.

Via, comes a celebration of Stephen Colbert’s taking over the Late Show.

Here, Congressman Jim Moran was on the Colbert Report for Colbert’s ‘Better Know a District’ segment where Stephen Colbert kept trying to goad the fiery Congressman to take a swing at him.


This morning’s coverage of Spring2ACTion via WUSA9.

Today, you can donate to one or more of approximately 100 organizations via the Spring2ACTion online giving platform. The event gives local nonprofit organizations the chance to compete for over $30,000 in grants and prizes.

Last year, Spring2ACTion raised nearly $660,000 in one day for 97 local nonprofit organizations. This year, the organizers goal to raise $1 million for more than 100 non-profits.