04/22/14 10:15am

See the above video from your fellow Alexandria residents on why residents should be VERY concerned about keeping essential public safety services in place, especially in North Old Town, Rosemont, Del Ray, and Potomac Yards. Good points made here, especially City Council charging high taxes and not delivering services, the recent Boat Club deal, the City Manager’s pay increase, and City Council choosing ‘Luxuries over services’.


04/21/14 6:18pm

Fun starts @ 6:30 PM. Folks from the budget office are updating City Council on budget items and each Council member has submitted their budget. This work session is an attempt to get the seven (7) budgets (one from each council member) into one. This is the first add/delete. Photos from tonight’s work session to be posted later.


04/21/14 5:00pm

Green ideas challenge Alexandria Virginia Earth Day

Starting on April 22 (TOMORROW), ACTion Alexandria is asking for your ideas for making Alexandria a greener, more sustainable place to live, work, and play.

A total of $5000, generously provided by the Dominion Foundation, will be awarded for the winning ideas. Submitted ideas will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and selected ideas will receive up to $2000 in grant money to be put into ACTion.

What’s your green idea for Alexandria?

To learn more about the green ideas challenge, please visit: www.actionalexandria.org/greenideas.

04/21/14 3:45pm

Landmark Mall Carnival - a Reithoffer show in Alexandria, Virginia

I LOVED going to carnivals like this when I was a kid and still do. I was hoping to infuse a little bit of that excitement onto my five-year-old as I took him on Saturday afternoon to the annual Landmark Mall carnival powered by Reithoffer Shows. It was a gorgeous day to go on Saturday, not too hot and BOY what a sunset we watched as the sky turned from blue to pink.

I was wondering though, with the Landmark mall transformation set to begin this fall, will the carnival be back in 2015?

Here’s my quick review …