Starting Wednesday, January 20, the City will be updating the Pango zone numbers on each block (Pango is the pay by phone vendor used in the City of Alexandria to pay for parking meters through a phone). New zone numbers will still be five digits, but will now begin with “11” instead of “22”. This change is being made to reduce confusion and overlap with Park Mobile zones that are valid in Washington, DC and Arlington.

Existing Pango users should now see the updated zones in the app available for smartphones. If not, ensure the app is running the most current update. Please contact Pango customer service at 1.877.myPango if you continue to have problems with displaying the current list of zones.

For those interested in paying for parking meters through a phone, the app can be downloaded for Android and iPhone devices. Please visit this link or this link for more details.

Alexandria, Virginia

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Your plans for today (September 16, 2015) in Alexandria, Virginia include these events:


Meet your Alexandria, Virginia neighbors - Scott & Alix from Carlyle

Meet Your Alexandria Neighbors is a new series on Red Brick Town that will feature a profile of a local neighbor from one of the many neighborhoods in Alexandria, Virginia. Know someone we should reach out to? Would you be interested in being featured? Email us at this link.

We’re both originally from a small town in Western New York, Scott moved down in 2007 to work on a political campaign and has lived in various locations through Arlington and Alexandria, while Alix moved down just over a year ago. Though we have a lot of fun writing our lifestyle blog, it’s not what we do for a living. Alix is an English teacher and Scott runs the public affairs for a trade association.

Lives: We’ve lived in the Carlyle-area of Alexandria for the last 10 months. Prior to the move, Scott lived in various areas in Alexandria and Arlington, while Al lived in the Western portion of Alexandria. We love our current location and walk to King Street weekly.

Any unexpected surprises after you moved in?? We never realized how close we really were to everything. The Eisenhower MetroStation is a 5 minute walk and some of our favorite hangouts in Alexandria are just around the corner. Another pleasant surprise for us was all the dog owners in the area. We have two of our own, so knowing there was such a friendly environment for them is a huge plus.

First Impressions of Carlyle?? We love it! Everything really is walking distance from our front door. We can get to the metro, movie theater, and various restaurants/bars/coffee shops in 15 minutes. Carlyle is a growing area too, construction is ongoing and restaurants keep opening. But truly, the small town historic feel is what had us at hello.

Name your three favorite things about Alexandria… The people are far and away #1. We’ve met some great people through the blog and just stopping in different restaurants or shops (Altura Wine and Gourmet is a hidden gem). The restaurants, bars, and boutiques in Alexandria are some of the best in the entire area, and often don’t get the credit they deserve. Our final love is the abundance of rich history which includes everything from the Masonic Temple, the brick sidewalks, and the waterfront area (which is where Scott proposed to Alix last month!) On occasion you can see us running across the street reading all the history markers on the buildings and street corners.

Name 3 Things You Wish Alexandria Had: Does cheaper housing and less traffic count? In all seriousness, we think Alexandria has a lot of wonderful things to offer. If we had to pick a couple things, we’ve heard from other there is a desire to have a bar located on a rooftop. The city is full of great sites, it would be incredible to be able to see them all while having a drink with friends. We’re originally from the Buffalo area, so if we could get some of our favorite chicken wings down here we’d be grateful.

Favorite Neighborhood Hangouts in Alexandria: We have many. When it comes to brunch we’re loyal to the bar area at Union Street Public House. We enjoy locations like King Street Blues on a Saturday night, or Society Fair for a cocktail or glass of wine after a long weekday. Every date we have in Old Town involves either a walk on the waterfront or around City Hall. The Warehouse, Killer E.S.P., Columbia Firehouse, Virtue, The Light Horse, Pita House, Momo Sushi, Flat Iron, and Bugsy’s are favorites as well.

As we told you last week, Capital Bikeshare was expanding in Alexandria in August with eight (8) new stations in Carlyle and Del Ray (see expansion map at link). Above is a photo from the newest Del Ray station at Mount Vernon Avenue and East Nelson Avenue.

Food truck in Alexandria

After months of haggling, negotiations, and meetings, tonight the Alexandria City Council voted to docket the Food Trucks recommendations from the Food Trucks Task Force for debate and a vote on Saturday, May 17 during the public hearing. If you want to have a say in the matter, this is your chance. The Saturday meeting starts @ 0930 at City Hall.

What are your thoughts on having food trucks in Alexandria?

league_bike_month_logo Bike To Work Day 2014 is NEXT Friday, May 16, 2014. The deadline for registration is THIS FRIDAY May 9th.

Via Commuter Connections, registration for the region’s largest annual bicycling event is now open! National Bike to Work Day, part of National Bike Month, is shaping up to be bigger and better than last year. Click this link to register for this always exciting event.

Around Alexandria, the City of Alexandria, Virginia’s Local Motion office will be hosting this year’s Bike to Work Day Pit Stop from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. down on Market Square (301 King Street) in the heart of Old Town. The Carlyle Community Council will be hosting a pit stop as well in John Carlyle Square Park in Carlyle. The Washington Headquarters Services Transportation Management Program Office will be hosting a pit stop near BRAC-133 also. Velocity Bike Co-Op will also be hosting a pit stop in Del Ray.

To find other pit stops around the DMV, click this link.

All registrants will receive a free water bottle, T-Shirt, food and drink. Registrants will also be eligible to win raffle prizes and will have a chance to win a FREE BIKE and other great prizes!

At the Carlyle Pit Stop, registered bikers can sample Potbelly’s famous oatmeal bar and Whole Foods fruit and snacks along with many other giveaways. Every 15 minutes there will be a raffle for prizes including a weekend stay at The Westin Alexandria, gift cards for bike gear and repairs, Whole Foods, restaurant gift cards and much, more.  I will be at the Carlyle location at 0700 and the Market Square Pit Stop at 0805 so I hope to see you there!

If you have EVER wondered what it is like to commute by bike from Alexandria to D.C., check out this great video. Be sure to check out the above video too on this ever growing movement.


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