1407 Russell Road in Alexandria, Virginia
I don’t know about you but, this makes me sad. The Rosemont homeowner on Russell Road who LOVES the holidays has sold their home.

Via Sheriff Dana Lawhorne

Neighborhoods are defined by traditions. Delray has many but none better than the annual Halloween pirate show at 1407 Russell Road. Earlier today, Tami (the pirate lady) called me to break the bad news. She sold her house and is moving to Florida to help her aging parents. Her voice quivered as she told me the sad news. She talked about how much she enjoyed doing this for the community, especially the kids. It gave her great joy. I think she started off with a few pirates and it grew each year. Helping her was a blast. Working on it each year was a tradition that I looked forward to. I will miss the thousands of people who came to see it. I will miss helping Tami do something that allowed us to think about something other than bad news. It was a great distraction. It was a reminder that no matter what, traditions go on and so do it’s people. Tami never let us down. She is a wonderful person who spent all her free time and hard earned money to make us smile. She has a big heart. No surprise that she is moving to be with her parents who need her. Loyalty trumps tradition and that’s ok with me. I will miss her. If you can find time, send her a card or a note to say thank-you:
Tami Sarjeant
1407 Russell Road
Alexandria, Va. 22301

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Christmas decorations and Holiday lights at Virtue Feed & Grain in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

Love the Christmas decorations here at Virtue Feed & Grain, a fantastic restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The restaurant takes its name from the building’s long-ago function as a feed house.

Find out more about the building’s history at this link.

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Meet the new ‘Singing’ Christmas Organ at Virginia Theological Seminary Chapel

Via PBS, when the chapel at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia burned to the ground in 2010, the school commissioned a new building with a brand new pipe organ.

Here’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly’s Advent interview with the chapel’s music director, Rev. William Bradley Roberts. During the interview, listen to Christmas sounds from a world-class instrument played by Tom Smith, organist and music director at Christ Church Georgetown (Episcopal) in Washington, DC.

Video of the week

Some time ago, I re-introduced the weekly palate cleanser posts (a.k.a. video of the week) on this blog. During the week, I post about road closures, stores opening, stores closing, news and things to do around Alexandria, Virginia. So, I thought maybe one post during the week could be just for fun. Therefore, a post that will cleanse the palate.

For this week, whether you have had a good week or a bad one, this new video from Uptv asks kids from a local Boys & Girls Club in the Atlanta, Georgia area to make a tough choice in Christmas presents.

When faced with a tough decision, will these kids pick a Christmas gift for themselves or give it up for a gift for their family? Would you ‘Give it up’? Learn more at this link.

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