Power Outages in Alexandria, Virginia after Winter Storm Stella

Power Outages in West End Alexandria

More than 70 customers are currently without power today in Alexandria, Virginia, according to Dominion Power after winter storm Stella on Tuesday. The biggest outages are in the West End of Alexandria, Virginia in the Beuregard neighborhood, according to the power company.

Dominion has no timetable for outage restoration. If your power is out, be sure and report it at this link.

What are you experiencing this Tuesday readers?

(Courtesy image Dominion Virginia Power)

Dominion Building

Dominion to Award $1 Million in Environmental Education and Stewardship Grants


Dominion Resources announced this week that it will once again provide $1 million in environmental grants this year through its charitable arm, the Dominion Foundation. The competitive program is designed to support specific short-term projects by nonprofits and K-12 schools working to improve the environment and provide environmental education experiences in communities served by Dominion companies. (more…)

Dominion Power Substation on Monroe Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia (Image via City of Alexandria)

Construction on new Dominion Power Substation causing nearby homes to shake

We were alerted by several readers to loud construction from the new Dominion Power substation on Monroe Avenue in Del Ray causing their homes to shake.

Here’s an example of some of the texts/tweets we’ve received:

According to Dominion, the new substation will provide additional capacity for future growth in the area and potentially create shorter power outage times during storms and other weather incidents. Dominion apologizes to residents and says the loud work causing the shaking should last only till the end of this week.

(Image: City of Alexandria)

Power Outage in Alexandria, virginia

Image credit: Dominion Power

Power outage affecting dozens in Old Town North

UPDATE (11:15 PM): Power restored.

There is a power outage in the Old Town North neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia tonight affecting 52 customers tonight (August 9). Dominion says it is the result of a ‘vehicle accident’. Be sure to report your outage at this link.

Trying to get more information from Dominion and Alexandria Police on this. Dominion says restoration expected in the wee hours of the morning between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM.

Will post an update(s) if I get one.

Decorium Was Ready For Hurricane Irene

It’s back, and experts are watching this year’s hurricane season forecast closely. Do you have a hurricane preparedness plan in place to help you endure a major storm that could potentially disrupt your life for several days? Hurricane season officially began June 1 and the best time to prepare is before the forecast or the skies turn threatening— it’s easier than you think.

Dominion Virginia Power suggests using a tool you may already rely on every day to get your home or business ready for hurricane season—your mobile device.

“We use our smart phones, tablets, or mobile devices for almost everything— to help us track appointments, set reminders, and keep our shopping list up to date,” said David Vanderbloemen, director of Electric Distribution Operations.

“They can also be useful tools in helping us prepare for hurricane season and staying informed if disaster strikes. Bookmarking important mobile sites and downloading a few apps can make it easy to create an emergency plan or generate a checklist for a storm preparedness kit. When a storm hits, many of the resources you may need, from reporting your power outage to finding the nearest shelter, is right at your fingertips, if you plan ahead,” said Vanderbloemen.

Bookmark these useful Dominion web pages on your PC and mobile device today to prepare for a major storm and ensure you can stay connected and informed:

Follow Dominion Virginia Power on Facebook and Twitter and enroll in Dominion text alerts  for helpful tips, updates and news.

As you prepare, consider the following apps from our agency partners:

Consider adding solar-powered or portable device chargers to your emergency kit, which should also include a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water, first-aid supplies, battery-powered radio, any necessary medications, extra clothes and a blanket. To learn more about stocking an emergency preparedness kit, watch a video or visit this link.

Power Outages in Alexandria, Virginia
UPDATE (10:12 AM): Dominion has restored power to two of three affected areas Sunday morning. Only area still out is the West Glebe Road/Parkfairfax area of Alexandria. Dominion says power should be restored in this area by 11:00 am.

More than 100 customers are currently without power today in Alexandria, Virginia, according to Dominion Power after heavy rains on Saturday. The cause of the outage on West Glebe Road area is a tree on the line (see below), according to the power company.

The map shows three (3) outage areas affecting customers in the Parkfairfax area as well as Fairlington/Bradlee and in the West End.

Dominion has a timetable of late morning for the West Glebe Road area outage and mid-day for the Fairlington/Bradlee outage. If your power is out, be sure and report it at this link.

What are you experiencing this Sunday readers?

(Image via Dominion Virginia Power)

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