Introducing the Freedom Of Religion Act in response to President Trump’s Muslim ban.

Posted by Congressman Don Beyer on Thursday, February 2, 2017

House Delegation Introduces Freedom Of Religion Act In Response To President Trump’s Muslim Ban

In response to President Trump’s Executive Order banning all refugees as well as individuals and families from certain Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East from entering the United States, House Members, including Reps. Don Beyer (VA), Chair of the Democratic Caucus Joe Crowley (D-NY), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Betty McCollum (D-MN), Keith Ellison (D-MN), Andre Carson (D-IN), and Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) introduced the Freedom of Religion Act today to prohibit barring immigrants, refugees, and international visitors from entry on the basis of religion. They were joined by Gold Star Father Khizr Khan and supporting religious and civil liberties organizations.


Some time ago, I re-introduced the weekly palate cleanser posts (a.k.a. video of the week) on this blog. During the week, I post about road closures, stores opening, stores closing, news and things to do around Alexandria, Virginia. So, I thought maybe one post during the week could be just for fun. Therefore, a post that will cleanse the palate.

We normally post things like this on the weekend’s but, for this week, whether you have had a good week or a bad one, ICYMI, this video of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day from the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel is too good to wait to post.

Enjoy this early palate cleanser!

Country star Trace Adkins with Donna Windsor at Windsor of Old Town in Alexandria, virginia (Photo via Facebook)
Country star Trace Adkins, who appeared on president Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ TV show, was in town for the Inauguration of president Donald Trump.

On Friday before the Inaugural Balls, Mr. Adkins and his girlfriend Victoria Pratt stopped by Windsor of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia to get styled. In business since 1981, Windsor of Old Town offers the best in hair design, nail treatments, skin and body treatments, and massage.

Mrs. Windsor did Ms. Pratt’s hair while her son Stephen took care of Mr. Adkins. For more about Windsor of Old Town, visit this link.

Victoria Pratt ! Styled her hair for the ball tonight! Have fun!

Posted by Donna Burt Windsor on Friday, January 20, 2017

(Photo via Facebook)

Via Reuters, at Alexandria’s Historic Christ Church where George Washington worshipped, many Episcopalians say they think America’s first president would be ”appalled” by the divisive rhetoric that’s marked the 2016 presidential election campaign.

(H/T Susan)

Donald Trump Hillary CLinton Gary John Dr. Jill Stein

Last week, we conducted an unscientific online poll regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election which is less than 90 days away. I must say, for me, I am undecided and leaning toward doing a write-in.

While this wasn’t as big a landslide as I thought it would be (like our annual ice cream poll), here’s what you told us.

Out of 192 votes cast, Hillary Clinton came away with 57.81% of the vote (111 votes).

Some takeaways:

  • In recent elections, the Democratic candidate has won 70%+ of the vote in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • In 2008, Gary Johnson received .75% of the vote and Dr. Jill Stein received .25% of the vote in Alexandria, Virginia. In this poll, Governor Johnson received almost as many votes as Mr. Trump.
  • With Trump at 13.54% (26 votes), that is about half the percentage that Mitt Romney and John McCain received in Alexandria in the last two elections. This percentage is also about a third of what Bush/Cheney received in Alexandria in 2000 & 2004.

2016 Presidential election - Poll results

Donald Trump Hillary CLinton Gary John Dr. Jill Stein

We are conducting an online poll regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election which is about 90 days away. I must say, for me, I am undecided and leaning toward doing a write-in.

I’ve seen some recent online polls and polls on TV which were quite surprising in their result. Given that Alexandria, Virginia has been named the most Liberal City in Virginia, this is likely though going to lead to a landslide result like our annual ice cream poll.

What do you think the result will be? Poll closes midnight Sunday, August 14.

If you want, tell us why you are voting for the candidate below.

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