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Virginia House Bill 2108 – VA Broadband Deployment Act
and Its Substitute in the Form of An Amendment

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The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of the City of Alexandria community and is committed to supporting and promoting our commercial sector by advocating for smart fiscal policies and investments in infrastructure to attract and retain business.

As noted in our 2017 Legislative Agenda, the Alexandria Chamber has a strong interest in the future of broadband in our City and supports Alexandria’s municipal broadband program as the right solution to expand the City’s communications infrastructure amid significant competitive headwinds. As such, we strongly oppose the HB2108 (the “VA Broadband Deployment Act”) and its proposed amendment which, despite its name, will restrict broadband options in both rural and urban communities across Virginia.   (more…)

GovernorTerry McAuliffe

Governor McAuliffe Announces ‘Education and Workforce in a New Virginia Economy’ Legislative Package

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today a series of bold legislative proposals aimed at improving public schools, enhancing the workforce system, and preparing the students of the Commonwealth to be successful members of the new Virginia economy. The Governor’s announcement comes the day before the convening of the 2016 General Assembly.

Speaking before an audience of educators, stakeholders, advocates, and legislators in Richmond, Governor McAuliffe said, “Getting every student the skills and training they need to succeed is an essential part of our efforts to build a new Virginia economy. This agenda is designed to lay a foundation for future economic growth by reorienting our education and training approach to meet the demands of 21st Century employers. By making smart investments in education, transforming our approach to high school education and strengthening our workforce training pipeline, we can create new opportunities for Virginia students and businesses to thrive.”


Alexandria Democratic Committee Debate for 45th district candidates in Virginia

Given the fact that the Alexandria Republican City Committee has failed to produce any candidates for the 45th House of Delegates District, voters are left to choose their candidate TOMORROW, June 9, 2015 as the winner of tomorrow’s primary will run unopposed come November.

Thankfully, voters in any party can vote tomorrow as voter registration in the Commonwealth of Virginia is non-partisan. So my advice to ALL voters – get OUT and VOTE TOMORROW.

So who should you vote for to replace Rob Krupicka who retired from his legislature work to focus on his burgeoning donuts business?

Personally, having listened to each of the 45th District candidates at various events of the last couple of months, there’s little policy differences among the five Democratic primary candidates. One of the things a Delegate has to do is debate on the House floor. I’m a little shocked there weren’t more debates than what we had this campaign season.

So, which one stands out above the rest? We’ll take them left to right across the photo above. Here are my thoughts on the five candidates…

Clarence Tong

Mr. Tong is chairman of the city’s Democratic committee and legislative affairs manager for the Environmental Defense Fund. He is solid on several issues but, at a recent forum, had trouble with some issues that a Delegate needs to be at least aware of (e.g. Virginia ABC agents arrest powers).

Mark Levine

Mark Levine (a.k.a. the “aggressive progressive,”) is a great talker (hey, he’s a radio host and is on TV as he tells everyone), has raised the most money but, the vast majority of that has come from Mr. Levine and family members. This leads one to believe that Mr. Levine is in the race for Mark and not for the voters. His answer to everything at the forums I have witnessed is to raise taxes. He does come across as one who knows how the legislative process works and seems to be one of the candidates willing to work in the background to get legislation passed.

Larry Altenburg

Larry is the only parent in the race which is a BIG plus in my book. He seems like a very good father who would be a strong advocate for children’s issues. Larry is also a businessman, knows how business operates, and knows how to attract business, He also wants to reduce testing in schools. He is also up on many of the issues a Delegate should be concerned with. He disagrees with his opponents on the Dominion Power case which is a little troubling.

Julie Jakopic

Having seen Julie in action, she is a whirlwind of energy, someone who’s fought for decades to expand early childhood education and mental health services as well as women’s rights. She has a lot of experience in Richmond working on these issues. She is very engaging when you hear her talk, presented herself very well in the limited debates, and also seems to be one of the candidates willing to work in the background to get legislation passed. She also helped run Rob Krupicka’s campaigns for office. She won our recent poll on this race in votes by our readers. She knows how to run things but, does she know how to get bills passed? She too wants to raise taxes.

Craig Fifer

Craig seems to be the most prepared person, the most ready person when the Speaker of the House calls the General Assembly to order from day one. He is sharp on a host of issues and a really good debater. But, is he too polished? The Washington Post endorsed him and he has received the most cash contributions from individual donors. He also seems to be one of the candidates willing to work in the background to get legislation passed. His drawbacks are that he wants to raise your taxes significantly and  he seems to be the candidate that the establishment Democrats in Richmond want in the seat.

With so many similarities among the five (5) candidates, who should one vote for? Here’s who I am voting for tomorrow…


Alexandria Democratic Committee Debate for 45th district candidates in Virginia
Last week, with no notice given to the candidates, we said we wanted to hear from our beloved readers in a completely non-scientific poll – who are you voting for 45th District Delegate to the Virginia General Assembly on June 9?

This is what you told us. Out of 149 votes cast over the last week, Red Brick Town readers chose Julie Jakopic at 38.93% (58 votes), Craig Fifer was second at 18.79% (28 votes), Clarence Tong came in third at 16.77% (25 votes), Larry Altenburg placed fourth at 14.77% (22 votes), and Mark Levine placed fifth at 10.74% (16 votes). Click on the image below for a larger view.

This poll result is NOT similar to April’s ADC straw poll results. What do you think about this? How do you think the election will go TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 9)? Discuss below…

Most importantly, GET OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW!


Alexandria Democratic Committee Debate for 45th district candidates in Virginia
We are a little more than one (1) week from the big June 9 primary in which five (5) candidates are running to replace Rob Krupicka and be the next Delegate from the 45th District which includes Alexandria. The candidates are Larry Altenburg, Craig Fifer, Julie Jakopic, Mark Levine, and Clarence Tong.

I got to go to last night’s debate between the candidates and came away impressed with a couple. I will be telling you who I am voting for in the June 9 primary on Monday, June 8.

So we thought we’d ask you, our beloved readers, who are you voting for Delegate in Virginia’s 45th District?

Poll closes Midnight June 7.

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