Via APD, still waiting for the press release but, here’s a screen capture of Alexandria Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter’s statement in the case of the fatal hit and run in the Del Ray/Rosemont area from earlier this year. Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter will bring no charges against the driver in this case.

CA release hit and run

pedestrian_auto_accident_01_blue_300As we mentioned on social media earlier, multiple sources have confirmed to me that the driver in the fatal hit and run at Commonwealth Avenue and Braddock Road in Alexandria, Virginia is still being questioned by Alexandria Police. Sources have confirmed the driver of the dump truck thought she had hit an animal at the time of the incident and that the victim in the incident was struck with a great amount of force.

My sources tell me the driver of the dump truck, a woman, was headed toward West Masonic View Drive in Alexandria to a construction site at the time of the incident and they also confirm the driver was allegedly seen cleaning off the mudflaps of the truck after the incident.

At last night’s pedestrian safety meeting, Police Chief Earl Cook revealed that the driver may still be driving for her employer although the truck that was involved in the incident is being analyzed by Police. At the meeting, Chief Earl Cook mentioned no charges have been filed against the driver as of yet.

Alexandria citizens who attended last night’s meeting asked the Chief to reveal more information as the investigation continues so, as the old saying goes, more to come…

NBC 4’s Tracee Wilkins has the story of 26 year old Malcolm Leach, Jr who was struck and killed crossing King Street at Park Center Drive just after midnight on Friday. If you have any information on the case, please call Alexandria Police at 703.838.4444.

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