When Telegraph Road is closed, there is hardly any traffic on Eisenhower Ave while traffic gets severely backed up on Jamieson Ave (normally a 5-10 minute delay) to get to Duke Street. If drivers want to get to Duke Street quicker, take a right at the bottom of the Capital Beltway outer loop ramp when you get to Eisenhower Ave and follow it all the way to Holland Lane which will take you to Duke Street.

This Google map explains what I’m talking about:

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Here are some photos I took from Saturday (Mobile users, click this link):

NOTE: This is a popular post lost in the recent domain outage.

Have had many people in the community asking about this traffic camera located at Holland Lane and Jamieson Ave in our Carlyle community. I have been told by City staff that this is a VDOT camera taking a survey. Odd considering that even the City doesn’t do traffic surveys in July & August because of lower traffic volume.

Traffic Camera @ Holland Lane & Jamieson Ave

We always try to look for things like this from our neighborhood of Carlyle and mention them here.

Landon IP, headquartered here in Alexandria, VA on Jamieson Ave in our neighborhood is in the news. Landon IP has had an article published recently in Managing Intellectual Property Magazine.

The article was written by Landon IP’s Intellogist® team and the editors of Managing Intellectual Property magazine.  Kristin Whitman of Landon IP, a senior contributor to Intellogist and the Intellogist blog, authored the sections of the article covering issues to consider when selecting search systems, such as:

  • The electronic patent collections that are included
  • The approach taken to translating non-English collections
  • The patent family types used

The article also includes tables that compare selected search tools across a set of common parameters that are critical for any user evaluating different tools.  The information in these tables comes from Intellogist’s Quick Table Comparison tool, with the exception of the user ratings, which are based on a combination of views provided by Intellogist users and readers of the magazine.

Congrats to Landon IP! To learn more about Landon IP, visit this link.

Like the swallows of Capistrano, the birds of Carlyle have returned to Jamieson Ave. this summer. While I and others don’t mind the birds, it is what they leave behind that is the cause for concern. If it were a few birds it would be okay but, we’re talking about dozens.

The reason they keep coming back is someone (or a few someone’s) keeps feeding them each Summer. PLEASE do not feed them. If you see anyone else feeding them, PLEASE tell them to stop. The excess bird droppings can’t be good for anyone. In fact, the Illinois Department of Health has posted health hazards that come from excess bird droppings.

The folks at Carlyle Towers and Carlyle Place do the best they can to keep the sidewalks clean of the dropppings but, we as a neighborhood need to do more to help combat this. If you have never seen the HUGE flock, see the video below.

Bird droppings at Carlyle Towers East

Bird droppings at Carlyle Towers East


A majority of the street lights that have been out in the 2000 block of Jamieson Ave have finally been fixed. Some of the lights had been out for a little over 2 years.

So now, it is bright at night again in the neighborhood. There are a few more lights that we have notified the City about. There are a few on Dulany Street and we’re having them look at the group of lights on Englehardt Lane between the Carlyle Place building and Carlyle Towers East. If you know of any other street lights that are out, please let us know.

Jamieson Ave at Night

Jamieson Ave at Night

The contractor for Dominion Power, D.A. Foster, was out in our neighborhood this morning working on the problem with the street lights that have been out for almost three years now. I spoke to the supervisor on site who said they should have the problem rectified by tomorrow (June 15).

Contractor working on the broken street lights in the 2000 block of Jamieson Ave

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