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Macy’s Inc. revealed restructuring plans Wednesday that will close over 60 stores in 2017 as the struggling giant retail department store looks to cut additional costs.

Of the 68, three closed mid-year, 63 will be closed in early spring 2017 and two will be closed in mid-2017. Three other locations were sold, or are to be sold, and are being leased back. (A list of planned store closings, as well as store openings, is listed at this link.) The company intends to opportunistically close approximately 30 additional stores over the next few years as leases or operating covenants expire or sale transactions are completed.

As a result of closing 63 Macy’s stores in early 2017, along with the three closed mid-year 2016, the company’s 2017 sales are expected to be negatively impacted by approximately $575 million. This reflects the company’s ability to retain sales at nearby stores and on through targeted marketing and merchandising efforts.

The Landmark Mall store, which we have pondered about before, is on the list to close by year-end.   (more…)


UPDATE (2:43 PM): The Chick-fil-A operator responded to a request for comment. See update 2 below.

UPDATE 1:13 PM): Included re-location information in 3rd paragraph below.

Landmark Mall’s Chick-fil-A restaurant will be closing on Saturday, January 23, 2016 after more than two decades at the mall, multiple sources have confirmed. The restaurant has been at the mall since August 1990.

UPDATE 2: The Chick-fil-A operator at Landmark Mall responded to a request for comment saying “Yes it will be closing on January 23, 2016. Thank you for being a raving fan of Chick-fil-A. In the near future there will not be another Chick-fil-A in Alexandria.”

UPDATE: Had a trusted source reach out and say that the City tried, to no avail, to persuade and/or help the operator move the establishment to somewhere else in the West End. We are trying to reach out to the operator and/or Chick-fil-A for comment on the closing.

The closing leaves no Chick-fil-A locations in Alexandria, Virginia. The four nearest locations are in Arlington and Springfield. Here is the link to the Springfield location on Backlick Road.

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As we told you first, Howard Hughes Corporation has launched a new webpage, which provides updated information on the Landmark Mall Redevelopment, as well as an opportunity for the community to sign up to stay informed about future news and updates.

The first update came out today via email.

Happy New Year!

The Howard Hughes Corporation is excited about 2016, and we believe it will be a significant one for Landmark and the Alexandria community. We’ve been busy meeting with a number of community leaders to educate them on the complexities of redeveloping Landmark Mall and with a number of potential tenants interested in being a part of the new Landmark.

We look forward to continuing these meetings in coming weeks, and to keeping you informed about the Landmark redevelopment as we get closer to bringing to life The Howard Hughes Corporation’s vision for a modern open-air urban village.

Here’s to an exciting new year!

Could it be a sign that progress is moving along in the long-awaited redevelopment of Landmark Mall in Alexandria? Will it be starting in 2016?

The redevelopment of Landmark Mall was approved by City Council in summer 2013. The plan, submitted by Howard Hughes Corporation, calls for the demolition of the two-story central area of the mall and replacement of this portion with a mixed-use residential and retail complex with a traditional street grid, sidewalks, trees, and open space.

In June 2015, City Council approved a Site Plan Amendment, as submitted by the Howard Hughes Corporation, to increase the residential and commercial floor areas by approximately 54,000 square feet.

Question remains – when will redevelopment begin? As we stated previously, we hear from sources Howard Hughes is putting together final financing for the project and redevelopment is likely starting in 2016.

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Macy’s announces layoffs and store closings

As we told you in September, Macy’s announced that the department store chain will close 35 to 40 under-performing stores in 2016, or around 5% of its total locations.

Yesterday, Macy’s, Inc. announced a series of cost-efficiency and process improvement measures to be implemented beginning in early 2016 that will reduce SG&A expense by approximately $400 million while still investing in growth strategies, particularly in omnichannel capabilities at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. The actions represent progress toward the company’s previously stated goal of re-attaining over time an EBITDA rate as a percent of sales of 14 percent.

We had pondered, given the long-delayed transformation of Landmark Mall, would Macy’s Landmark Mall location in Alexandria, Virginia be on the list?

The answer to that is NO.


Landmark Mall sign in Alexandria, Virginia

Our posts on the original, now departed ‘Charlie Brown’ tree located in the median of Duke Street at the base of the ramp to Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia were by far and away the MOST popular of December 2015. I think just about everyone in Alexandria saw them.

After public outcry, the City worked with Landmark mall to plant a new ‘Charlie Brown’ tree nearby the original one. The new tree is located across the street from the original in a safer place. As mentioned, neighbors in the West End have already started decorating the new ‘Charlie Brown’ tree.

Kudos to Landmark Mall for the borrowed Whoville reference here (from the Grinch that Stole Christmas) which is still brilliant and a terrific ode to the old tree.

What does the NEW ‘Charlie Brown’ tree look like now decorated? Photo from a reader after the jump…


Hank's Pasta Bar in Old Town North Alexandria, Virginia on Montgomery Street

Here are the top five posts about Alexandria, Virginia neighborhood news here on Red Brick Town in the past week. The list runs from #5 to #1. If you have neighborhood news to share, you are free to use our forums or you can send an email.


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