The violent mestizo gang MS-13, the world’s largest, has stepped up efforts in Virginia and Maryland and they are recruiting kids from elementary schools.

Via WUSA 9

It starts early. WUSA9 learned Thursday, gang leaders are recruiting new members in a disturbing place: Elementary Schools.

“Oh grade-school. They’re recruiting in grade-school but generally 5th grade and on,” said Northern Virginia Regional Task Force Director Jay Lanham.

It may feel like they’re babies, but 5th grade and on, the time kids are starting to find themselves, has become a prime target age for MS-13 gang recruiting especially, according to Lanham.

His team is aiding the investigation into the gang-related murder of 15-year-old Alexandra Reyes-Rivas, the Montgomery County teen found dead in Springfield, Va. this past weekend.

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Chesapeake Bay Bridge by Melissa Clark, on Flickr

Labor Market Improvements And Positive Consumer Outlook
Spur 0.6 Percent Increase In Travel

It’s known as summer’s ‘last hurrah’. Mindful of this, and with a stock of vacation days to spare, fourteen percent of the population in the Greater Washington metro area are expected to take to the roads, sky, rails and watercraft to celebrate the last summer travel period estimates AAA Mid-Atlantic. This is a slight increase of 0.6 percent over 2013.

That fourteen percent figure equates to more than 842,000 people in the Washington D.C. area traveling from Thursday through Monday for the Labor Day holiday weekend with the majority expected to travel by car. The figure also represents the highest number of holiday travelers hailing from the Washington metro area for a Labor Day Holiday weekend since 2008, or the mid-point of the “Great Recession,” which officially lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.


FedexField photo by Flickr user dbking

If you’re headed into Maryland this afternoon, just an advisory that there’s a soccer game scheduled at FedEx Field this afternoon which may affect rush hour traffic.


Oh, and there’s still an issue with the West Nile Virus too…

Via The Baltimore Sun

State health officials are urging Marylanders to be wary of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus and, now, the dengue-like virus chikungunya — raising concerns after it was reported in a Florida man Thursday.

The chikungunya case is believed to be the first that was contracted in the U.S.; other cases had been reported in people who had recently traveled to areas where the virus is prevalent.
That is raising concern over the possible spread of the virus, which is not usually fatal but can cause fever and debilitating joint pain and cannot be treated. Though experts considered chikungunya’s spread to the United States inevitable, they are unsure if it will bring any outbreaks or how widespread they might be.

“It’s certainly expected — a number of us had predicted it several years ago,” said Barry Beaty, a professor of virology at Colorado State University and a member of the Baltimore-based Global Virus Network’s chikungunya task force. “Mother Nature is conducting an experiment on us, unfortunately.”

State health officials said this week they have begun annual monitoring for West Nile and also for chikungunya, urging residents to avoid mosquito bites by using repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants when concerned about mosquito exposure, and clearing yards and other outside areas of potential mosquito breeding grounds.

An invasive species known as the Asian tiger mosquito, which can carry both West Nile and chikungunya, prefers to breed in small, shady, man-made containers like empty cans or bottle caps, plant holders, wheelbarrows, garbage can lids and birdbaths. The Asian mosquitoes are known for aggressively pursuing humans, feeding during the day and following people into their homes and cars.

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Tropical Storm Arthur Map

If you’re heading to Virginia Beach, Ocean City, Rehobeth Beach, or a host of other local beaches, you may want to read this about Tropical Storm Arthur.

In a case of very bad timing, Arthur will bring dangerous surf and a period of wet weather to many Atlantic coast beaches during the Fourth of July.

Millions of people from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Wildwood, New Jersey; the Hamptons, New York; and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, will be impacted on their vacation during part of this week.

Even though the track of Arthur will take the center east of most beaches Thursday, Friday and Saturday, winds offshore will create large swells which will propagate onshore in the form of powerful waves as well as frequent, strong rip currents.


People are urged to obey restrictions on the beach and in the surf this weekend. Failure to do so may put not only themselves at risk but also their would-be rescuers.

The surf will continue to build through Friday along much of the East coast as Arthur strengthens.

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