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We Alexandrians L O V E love our pets. For today’s pet photo of the day, here is our Serena, who lives with us in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. She loves perching herself atop these pillows during the day.

I posted this earlier on Instagram because, why does Washington, D.C. only get to have fun? If we tried to put something like this together this winter, would you participate?

Hey #AlexandriaVA wouldn’t John Carlyle Park be a GREAT place for. Snowball fight? #justsaying

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If you see the lost dog described below, call the number.

Via Del Ray Parents

We just moved into Warwick Village on kennedy st and our dog got out of the yard.

Although no one is familiar with him I’m giving it a shot.

He’s a boxer mix. Looks like a stout boxer puppy, about 35#. He’s 11 years old and answers to Jellybean. He’s fawn colored with white flash, had a bulldog under bite.

He can be skittish around new people so if you see him, please try to gently coax him to come to you.

Please let me know if seen!

Phone 410-900-9656

thank you so much!


Outside of Del Ray Walgreens in Alexandria, Virginia

I send this out every so often as this blog is a lot to maintain by one person (me).

We looking for bloggers/contributors and/or people who are as passionate about Alexandria as I am. We are looking for those who live and/or work in any of Alexandria’s neighborhoods to write about community happenings, local events, business promotion, community news, transportation issues and even just taking photos. We are looking for multiple authors to post on a regular basis. You don’t necessarily need blogging experience to apply and you will be registered as authors on the blog. Full credit will be given to each post.

How to apply

Please respond by sending me an email at the following link.

Thank you in advance.

After a few weeks of work getting the settings right, we have re-opened the Community Forums page here on

In the forums (which are 100% moderated), you can ask any questions about Alexandria, Virginia, make recommendations about a restaurant/business in the Alexandria area, post yard sales, learn about your neighbors, find people with similar interests and post other announcements and notices, discuss with other members of the community of Alexandria about neighborhood stuff, and more!

Registration is required to post topics.

If you have any questions regarding the forum, please reply here and I will assist you. Likewise, if you have any comments and/or suggestions feel free to always send them via this link.


Making Art Not War

Making Art Not War by Jeffrey, on Flickr

In case you missed out on any of them, it’s always great to revisit our greatest hits. Here are the ten (10) most popular posts on Red Brick Town for June 2014. Remember that Micro-burst in Old Town and Belle View? That and President Obama’s visit to FireFlies in Del Ray tops the list.


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