Ada's Kitchen on Wheels Food Truck

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Ada’s Kitchen on Wheels Food Truck Vending in Braddock Road Metro Area

This is an update to this post. On May 10, the Alexandria City Council voted to allow food truck vendors to operate in three designated, on-street locations on public property in addition to previously approved off-street locations.

On-street food truck vending was approved in the following areas:

  • 800 block of N. West Street, north of Madison Street, near the Braddock Road Metro;
  • the 1700 block of King Street adjacent to King Street Gardens; and
  • The 2200 block of Eisenhower Avenue, near Mill Road.

We’re keeping tabs on the three locations on a daily basis as well as off-street. Off-street vending is still allowed in Alexandria, Virginia.

Today, at the Braddock Road Metro location, the Ada’s Kitchen on Wheels food truck will be serving lunch.

City of Alexandria Police Department - bank robbery
UPDATE (9:17 PM): Police announced that two suspects from the robbery are in custody.

The Alexandria Police Department is currently investigating a robbery from person in the 700 block of North West Street (see below) near the Braddock Road Metro Station in Alexandria, Virginia.

Police report three suspects stole a phone from victim. Police are currently searching for the suspects in the area.

There were no injuries reported. Expect police activity in the area..

(Photo via Cliff, on Flickr)

City of Alexandria Police DepartmentUPDATED (9:05 PM): Address and neighborhood has been updated.

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a robbery in the 300 block of N. West Street in the Parker Gray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia (see below).

The suspect is known to victim, pushed victim from wheelchair and stole cash. Expect police activity in area.

(Photo by Cliff, on Flickr)

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