Power Outages in Alexandria, Virginia
UPDATE (10:12 AM): Dominion has restored power to two of three affected areas Sunday morning. Only area still out is the West Glebe Road/Parkfairfax area of Alexandria. Dominion says power should be restored in this area by 11:00 am.

More than 100 customers are currently without power today in Alexandria, Virginia, according to Dominion Power after heavy rains on Saturday. The cause of the outage on West Glebe Road area is a tree on the line (see below), according to the power company.

The map shows three (3) outage areas affecting customers in the Parkfairfax area as well as Fairlington/Bradlee and in the West End.

Dominion has a timetable of late morning for the West Glebe Road area outage and mid-day for the Fairlington/Bradlee outage. If your power is out, be sure and report it at this link.

What are you experiencing this Sunday readers?

(Image via Dominion Virginia Power)


NHC Hurrican Joaquin

The National Hurricane Center currently forecasts Hurricane Joaquin as reaching our area this weekend and that the storm is likely to cause us to experience damaging winds and flooding.

In advance of the coming severe weather, here’s a review of storm preparation procedures that were given out during Hurricane Sandy to handle possible flooding, high winds, downed tree limbs, and power outages.


Dominion Virginia Power reports 1800+ homes are without power this morning in Alexandria, Virginia after last night’s storm. If you are waking to no power in your home, be sure to report the outage at this link or call 1-866-DOM-HELP. We will post more as we know it below…

While there are several small outages, large scale outages (200+) are in:

  • Rosemont
  • Del Ray
  • Van Dorn/Landmark
  • Seminary Hill


Storm damage
As readers know, we had a pretty intense set of storms last night in the Alexandria, Virginia area thanks to the remnants of Tropical Depression Bill.

From a high of 18,800 homes without power last night during the storm, Dominion Power reports that 42 homes remain without power in Alexandria, Virginia this morning.

Areas of sporadic outages that remain are:

  • Del Ray
  • North Ridge
  • Parker Gray
  • Rosemont and
  • Taylor Run
Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria by ehpien, on Flickr

Dominion Virginia Power is reporting about 1900 customers in Alexandria, Virginia are without power. We’ve heard from readers that power is out in North Old Town, down by the waterfront, Potomac Greens, as well as Del Ray. Be SURE to report your outage at this link.

We’ll update this post as we have more…


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