Park & Rec Commission NVRPA Lease Agreement Public Hearing Update

Public Hearing on Planning Process Framework

The Park and Recreation Commission will hold a public hearing to receive comment on the planning process to determine the framework for future site improvements at Cameron Run Regional Park. This framework will include current and potential future amenities. The public hearing will occur on Thursday, June 23, 2016, 7:00 PM at the Charles Houston Recreation Center, located at 901 Wythe Street in Alexandria, Virginia.


Potomac Yard Metrorail Station - Alternative B

Alexandria City Council Holding Special Public Hearing for Potomac Yard Metrorail Station

Alexandria City Council will hold a special public hearing on Thursday, June 16, to consider several actions relating to the Potomac Yard Metrorail Station, Potomac Greens Park, and Potomac Yard Park. The public hearing will provide opportunity for public comment on the development approvals for the project.

These include a Master Plan Amendment, Map Amendment (rezoning), and Development Special Use Permit with site plan and associated Special Use Permits.

The Potomac Yard Metrorail Station is a planned infill station on the Metrorail Blue and Yellow lines between the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Braddock Road stations. The purpose of the project is to improve accessibility of the Potomac Yard area and provide more transportation choices for current and future residents, employees, and businesses by establishing a new access point to the regional Metrorail system.

For more information about this project please contact Jason Kacamburas, Potomac Yard Metro Coordinator, at 703.746.4049 or visit the City’s Potomac Yard website.

Pursuant to Virginia State Code, the Alexandria City Council will hold an electronic City Council meeting on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at 9:30 a.m., for the purpose of adopting a resolution on the City’s declaration of local emergency and for the purpose of continuing the January 23 public hearing docket items to Saturday, January 30, 2016, at 9:30 a.m.

Residents can call in to listen to the electronic meeting by calling: 1-888-950-6752, passcode 8617909.

Public Hearing on coming Oakville Triangle development

The City of Alexandria Planning Commission will hold special public hearing Thursday, January 7  at 7:00 PM in City Hall Council Chambers, 301 King Street. This public hearing includes docket items that pertain to the Oakville Triangle development.

The docket and staff reports for this hearing can be viewed at this link.

Alexandria, Virginia City Council
Pay Raises for City Council and Mayor Tabled for Three Years

Catching up on yesterday’s day-long Alexandria City Council public hearing, the last one of 2015 by going through the video.

As we told you first yesterday morning, at Saturday’s public hearing, City Council tabled the much-discussed pay raises for members and the Mayor.

Council members were looking to raise their pay from $27,500 to $45,000 annually and were looking to increase the mayor’s salary from $30,500 to $50,000. Both were a raise of 60%. Members have not gotten a raise since 2002 and neither have their staff. These raises would have taken effect in January 2016 with the new Mayor and City Council who start their term January 4, 2016.

We urged the Council this week to keep the raises to the amount of the Cost of Living adjustments between 2002-2015 and to keep its promises to our public safety employees.

Councilman Paul Smedberg, who had proposed the motion a few weeks ago, pulled the motion from the table.

“As the maker of the motion we’re going to go ahead and actually propose that we pull this and permanently table it. I think we need to have a more robust public discussion of what our duties are nowadays.”

Councilman Smedberg had pushed for the increase noting the increased regional demands on members. Virginia law prohibits current elected boards from raising their own pay so now that the motion has been pulled, the increase for members and the Mayor cannot be brought up for another three (3) years.

At the meeting, Councilman Smedberg directed City Manager Mark Jinks to come back to City Council with how the City can increase the salaries of the Council members aides.

Alexandria, Virginia City Council

The Alexandria City Council is holding its next public hearing meeting on Saturday, October 17, 2015, at 9:30 AM, in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

On this Saturday’s docket are:

  • Slater’s Market Public Hearing and Consideration of a request to operate a restaurant within an existing market; zoned: CDD #10/Coordinated Development District #10.
  • Rooming House Public Hearing and Consideration of a request for five year review of a rooming house and for a change of ownership; zoned KR/King Street Retail.
  • Development Special Use Permit #2014-0041 1801 & 1809 Russell Road, 109, 111 & 113 Belleaire Road – Immanuel Lutheran Church Public Hearing and Consideration of requests for: (A) a Development Special Use Permit and Site Plan with modifications to construct an addition to an existing private school, and an expansion to an existing church; and (B) a Special Use Permit for a parking reduction;
  • Public Hearing, Second Reading and Final Passage of an Ordinance Authorizing the Tenant of the Property located at 2312 Mount Vernon Avenue (Parcel Address 2318 Mount Vernon Avenue and 111 Oxford Avenue) to Construct and Maintain an Encroachment for Outdoor Dining at that Location Associated With the Restaurant Known as Pork Barrel BBQ, Sushi Bar, and Holy Cow.
  • Public Hearing, Second Reading, and Final Passage of an ordinance authorizing the owners of the property located at 200 Strand Street to construct and maintain an encroachment for a stoop, stairs, canopy and building overhang onto the Prince Street right of way at that location as approved by the City Council on March 14, 2015.

The docket and all materials may be found visiting this link.

Nancy Dunning

At Saturday’s Public Hearing, the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously to rename the park parcel at 2802 Mt. Vernon Ave., located at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Commonwealth Avenues, “Nancy Dunning Garden”. The proposal had been put forth by the Del Ray Business Association.

More than 25 years ago when “The Avenue” was boarded up buildings with very few shops, residents had little reason to walk around. Nancy Dunning, known as the “Queen of Del Ray,” saw a different Avenue and dedicated her life to see it blossom and thrive. Before her murder more than a decade ago, Ms. Dunning worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork for Del Ray to become what it is today.

Judy Lowe

Image via Melanie Lowe Radice

On Saturday, the City Council also voted to name the 1 & 7 E. Del Ray Pocket Park for Judy Lowe who died in 2011. Ms. Lowe was known as the ‘First Lady of Del Ray’.

Wayne Hulehan, one of our readers, sent this photo of Judy Lowe from Melanie Lowe Radice and had this to say about Judy “Judy loved Del Ray as her home and Alexandria as her City. She worked hard to see that everyone who lived there enjoyed it too, making sure to get out and about, to inform all.”



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