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Across-the-Board Passenger Growth Sets New Records at Both Airports

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority reported this week that Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport served 45.6 million passengers in 2016—growing 1.9 percent year-over-year to the highest annual passenger total in the two-airport system’s history. Increases were driven by record-breaking domestic airline activity at Reagan National Airport and international activity at Dulles International Airport combined with sustained growth of domestic service at Dulles.


Must be the end of a holiday weekend with how busy @Reagan_National is!

Beyer Calls On Federal Aviation Administration To Implement
Reagan National Community Noise Working Group Recommendation

Proposal Would Modify Flight Paths South of DCA To Reduce Aircraft Noise

Following a proposal issued by the Reagan National Community Noise Working Group, Virginia Congressman Don Beyer yesterday wrote to Administrator Michael Huerta of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supporting the group’s new recommendation for a plan to reduce aircraft noise on departures south of the airport. The proposal was drafted by the Working Group in consultation with the FAA, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), and the airlines.

The letter also urges the FAA to “pursue holistic approaches to noise mitigation,” including lowering the decibel level standard by which the FAA determines acceptable noise pollution. Residents of communities both north and south of DCA have grown increasingly concerned about aircraft noise.

“Implementing this recommendation would go a long way to reducing excessive airplane noise south of National Airport,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “The proposal was put together by a group of citizens and community leaders in consultation with major stakeholders, and I hope that FAA will act on these suggestions with all possible haste. I further urge the FAA to pursue other means at its disposal to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on the region.”

The Reagan National Community Noise Working Group was formed by area citizens, elected leaders, and stakeholders in October of 2015 to respond to rising complaints about airplane noise, and to work with officials to produce solutions to create quieter skies.

The full letter from Rep. Beyer to FAA Administrator Huerta can be viewed online (PDF).

The text of the Working Group’s recommendation follows. (more…)

Ronald Reagan National Airport Metro station
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport’s celebrations, in honor of its 75th anniversary on June 16, will hit full-swing the week of June 13, with promotions, giveaways, performances and a special historic aircraft arrival.

Restaurants across the airport will offer a “First Class Meal Deal,” special $19.41 dishes in honor of the airport’s founding in 1941. Shoppers and diners at the airport will be able to take advantage of a ‘gift with purchase’ promotion, receiving a free, vintage travel bag with $100 in combined purchases at the airport. Many stores will also have special deals and discounts as part of the celebrations.

A full listing of performances, events and stores and restaurants offering deals, discounts and $19.41 dishes can be found below and online at flyReagan.com/reagannational75.


Student Artwork 'Art of Flight' at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

(Courtesy photo)

Student Artwork Depicting the Science of Flying on Display for Travelers

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport recently unveiled a new art exhibit ‘Art of Flight’ featuring the work of 2nd grade students from Two Rivers Public Charter School.

The pieces on display in the baggage claim level of Terminals B and C artistically recreate the four forces of motion that are important for an airplane to take flight: weight, lift, thrust and drag.

The students hope their artwork will teach others about the physics of flight.

“Before the students even started their art work, they surveyed passengers about flight,” said Jessica Hall, lead 2nd grade teacher at Two Rivers Public Charter School. “This ignited their interest in creating art pieces that teach others about the physics of flight.”

The Two Rivers Public Charter School art project is one of the numerous works of art displayed at both Reagan National and Washington Dulles International Airport as part of the Airports Authority’s Arts Program. This program offers diverse regional, national and international rotating exhibits, live performances and public art displays that celebrate the beauty and creativity of the National Capital Region.

For more information about the Arts Program at Reagan National Airport visit this link.

Must be the end of a holiday weekend with how busy @Reagan_National is!

New Passenger Records Set as Metropolitan Washington
Airports Authority Continues Aviation Growth Trend

A continued rise in domestic airline activity at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, combined with growth in domestic and international service at Washington Dulles International Airport, drove an overall increase in passengers for 2015 for the two airports serving the nation’s capital. As the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors reported at its monthly meeting on Wednesday, the two-airport system served 44.7 million passengers for the year – an increase of 5.4 percent compared with 2014 and the second-highest overall passenger total in the history of the Airports Authority.

Reagan National served a record 23 million passengers, eclipsing the previous year’s total by more than 10 percent. Much of that growth stemmed from the 2014 divestiture of airline slots – federal limits on the number of flights that can take off and land at the airport – that accompanied the merger of American Airlines with U.S. Airways. Following the divestiture, airlines at Reagan National have maximized the slots they control to carry more passengers, on larger aircraft, than were flown prior to the merger. To address congestion resulting from that growth, the airport is planning a $1 billion capital improvement project to improve passenger terminal flow and enclose 14 existing outdoor airline gates.


As readers know, the National Park Service and the Federal Highway Administration are performing maintenance and safety improvements to two bridges that connect Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Readers are advised that maintenance and safety improvements will cause intermittent lane closures and traffic delays on the Route 233 bridge, which connects Crystal City to the airport and the southbound GW Parkway ramp from the airport.

Single lane closures occur from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM on the Route 233 bridge and continue for the duration of the project. At least one lane will remain open to traffic on the Route 233 bridge and on the ramp from the airport to GW Parkway, except during one weekend of construction.

Drivers should expect intermittent lane closures and traffic delays as the work is performed.


The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority will be conducting a law enforcement exercise at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport during the overnight hours of Saturday, November 7, into Sunday, November 8.

During the exercise, a portion of the C Terminal, as well as the entire departures level roadway, will be closed to the public. The airport typically has a small number of scheduled flights during the time period of the exercise; Airport personnel will be on hand to help any passengers navigate around closed areas.

The exercise, which will run from 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM, will simulate response to a law enforcement incident in the airport and will involve the participation of MWAA Police, MWAA Fire and Rescue, and Airport Operations, as well as first responders from surrounding jurisdictions.

PLEASE NOTE: A large number of emergency vehicles will be at the airport beginning in the evening of November 7 in preparation for the exercise. Additionally, some elements of the exercise may be seen or heard by individuals within the airport or surrounding communities.

***Please remember, this is only an exercise. It is not open to the public.***

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