See the cool video above with ten (10) facts about doughnuts. Also, be sure to read IBT’s awesome piece on the history of National Donut Day. Well worth a couple of minutes.

Today, as is the case annually on National Donut Day, Krispy Kreme is giving out free doughnuts (no strings attached). You can take your pick of any variety totally for free, no purchase necessary. Dunkin Donuts is handing out a FREE donut with the purchase of a beverage (one per customer).

Alexandria’s Sugar Shack Donuts, the BEST donuts around (Sorry DD & KK), is offering a FREE donut if you are wearing a Sugar Shack shirt. They are also celebrating good deeds in conjunction with the day as well.

Lastly, check out the hysterically cute Facebook posting the Alexandria Police Department made a couple of years ago in honor of National Donut Day.

Sugar Shack Donuts - National Donut Day

Customers Receive a Free Donut4Good Card to Reward Another’s Good Deed

Celebrate the joy of donuts and the joy of doing something good for others with Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee on National Donut Day, Friday, June 3.

Sugar Shack shops in Arlington and Alexandria will give away a free Donuts4Good card to anyone who purchases a donut, which they can give away to someone they know who has done a good deed. Sugar Shack also will give away a free house donut to anyone wearing a  Sugar Shack shirt.

“We come in contact with so many people on National Donut Day, it is a great opportunity to promote something meaningful,” says Sugar Shack owner Rob Krupicka. “Sugar Shack already gives away free donuts daily with our Freebie of the Day.”

Sugar Shack launched the Donuts for Doing Good program last year on National Donut Day and plans to keep the annual tradition going. Sugar Shack staff hands out Donuts4Good cards throughout the year when they catch someone in the act of doing good. Sugar Shack also provides cards to first responders, who give them away to deserving community members. Customers may purchase the cards to give away in recognition of special good deeds. They are encouraged to share stories on social media using the hashtag #Donuts4Good.

Sugar Shack’s Arlington and Alexandria locations will extend their hours on National Donut Day, Friday, June 3, from 6 a.m. to Midnight. Customers can find Sugar Shack’s Freebie of the Day posted daily on Sugar Shack’s social media.

For more information about Donuts for Doing Good and Sugar Shack, please contact Sherry Delaney at 703-508-6264. Follow Sugar Shack on Twitter at @SugarShackDMV or visit the Alexandria store on Facebook, or the Arlington store on Facebook, or visit them online. You can also follow the hashtag #Donuts4Good on Twitter.


A little more than one and a half years ago, Rob Krupicka & Carter Batey brought Sugar Shack’s donut deliciousness northward and officially opened the doors for business on January 17, 2015 (see other posts here).

Today, they announced expansion in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Lease Signed: Sugar Shack DC will be at 1932 9th Street NW. We can’t wait to open in Shaw and for late night hours for 9:30 Club patrons.

Posted by Sugar Shack Donuts Alexandria on Monday, May 9, 2016

Sugar Shack Donuts honors local teachers in the DMV (Photo courtesy Sugar Shack Donuts)

Sugar Shack Donuts is sweetening up the rest of the school year for teachers returning from Spring Break.

With the public’s help, Sugar Shack stores in Arlington (1014 S. Glebe Road) and Alexandria (804 North Henry Street) will deliver donuts to nominated school teachers. The Alexandria and Arlington stores will pick customers every week for the rest of the school year to deliver donuts to their favorite local school teachers.

“We want to give back a little to our teachers, who help make our communities so great.” said Rob Krupicka, former state Delegate and Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee owner.

To participate, folks just need to use the hashtag #Treats4Teach to tell Sugar Shack on Facebook or Twitter why they should be picked to deliver donuts to their local school teachers and to which school. Winners get as many donuts as needed to feed the teachers at their chosen school and a Sugar Shack T-Shirt to wear when delivering them. Creativity is encouraged and likes, favorites and re-tweets will influence the choice of nominees.

Folks can post their nominations on Facebook at the Alexandria store page, or the Arlington store’s Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Nominations will be accepted through the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Sugar Shack Donuts honors local teachers in the DMV (Photo courtesy Sugar Shack Donuts)

(Photos courtesy Sugar Shack Donuts)

Sugar Shack Donuts Alexandria, Virginia logo
We hear that Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee in Alexandria, Virginia and the new shop in Arlington is offering three (3) special flavors on Mother’s Day: White Chocolate Cherry Filled, Orange Basil Glazed and Peach Bellini Glazed.

These special flavors will be offered in the shop and for pre-order, in addition to the regular selection.

Visit the Alexandria store on Facebook (Arlington store here) for more information.

(H/T Sherry)

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