10 great places to watch the BIG game (Super Bowl) in Alexandria, Virginia

Long ago, fans of the Washington Redskins like me got to watch their football team in the Super Bowl – four (4) of them (seems like its bee a LONG time since then eh?). But, if you’re like me with one TV at home and a wife that doesn’t enjoy sports, you can still enjoy the biggest sports event of the year in Alexandria, Virginia.

Alexandria, Virginia  has plenty of sports bars with big screens for the big game. So, grab some friends and head down to one of these great joints to watch Super Bowl LI (51) and enjoy the biggest sports event of the year. This list would include Pork Barrel BBQ but, they are closed for Bill Euille’s annual Super Bowl party.

What’s your favorite spot to watch the Super Bowl? Did we miss your favorite watering hole? Who are you rooting for? As a Washington fan, I’m rooting for the Atlanta Falcons. What about you? Sound off in the comments below. (more…)

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