Potential Tour Bus/Motorcoach parking locations along Holland Lane and Jamieson Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia

The City of Alexandria, Virginia recently brought back the Ad Hoc Motorcoach Task Force for a new study and recommendations on loading and unloading areas as well as short-term parking locations in Alexandria for tour bus/motorcoaches during tour season.

Once again, the City is studying the 400 block of Holland Lane (see above) and the 1400 block of Jamieson Avenue (see below) to remove 26 parking spaces on the south side of Jamieson Avenue to create 10 seasonal tour bus parking spaces and add seasonal tour bus parking signage.

The previous Task Force tried to take the parking spaces but, were forced to use alternate locations over strenuous objections from Old Town Village and Carlyle residents.

I have seen all 26 spaces full at night everyday of the week. You can certainly bet that the tour buses won’t be completely in the parking area and out of the traffic lane so proceed with caution in this area if this eventually passes.

The loading/unloading areas are under consideration to ensure the tour buses have adequate space to load and unload passengers, the area must be handicapped accessible and to allow the bus to get out of the travel-way when loading and unloading passengers. The short-term parking is where the tour buses would go after they have unloaded. The City can determine during non-touring season to allow the 26 parking spaces in the Old Town Village/Carlyle area to return.

So, the questions are – With the left turn at Jamieson Avenue and South West Street narrow at best, how does the City think a tour bus is going to be able to make that turn?

Also, why with parking at such a premium in the Carlyle area, how does the City think this would be beneficial?

You can find the areas under consideration online (PDF) for loading and unloading as well as short-term parking.

The next Motorcoach Task Force meeting will be held on May 31, 2016 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at City Hall, 301 King Street, in the Chet & Sabra Avery Conference Room 2000.

Potential Tour Bus/Motorcoach parking locations along Holland Lane and Jamieson Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia

(Image via Google Maps)

Ginger Tour Company bus, Alexandria

Call for applications for new ad-hoc Motorcoach Task Force

The City of Alexandria, Virginia is seeking applications for the December 8, 2015, City Council approved Motorcoach Task Force. 

This group will provide guidance and input to City staff on:

  • Motorcoach loading and unloading locations;
  • Short-term motorcoach parking locations

The guidance and input of the Task Force will be transmitted to the Director of Transportation and Environmental Services.

The Task Force is anticipated to hold four meetings (additional meetings may be required if necessary). The first meeting will be held in  February 2016.

The City seeks to fill nine slots:

  • Motorcoach/Tourism Industry Representatives (2 members)
  • Local Hotel Industry Representative (1 member)
  • Alexandria Old Town Small Business Community Representative (1 member)
  • At Large Citizen Representative (1 member)
  • Old Town Civic Association Representatives (2 members)
  • Founders Park Community Association Representative (1 member)
  • North Old Town Independent Citizens Representative (1 member)

All applicants must complete and submit the brief application form found HERE.

Applications must be submitted no later than 5pm on Wednesday, January 20.  Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.

Additional information can be found online or requested from staff liaison, Patrick Reed, at 703.746.4147.

For more information about the Motorcoach Task Force, please visit this link.

(Photo via Gavin Bannerman, on Flickr)

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