Dusk on the Potomac
For our Afternoon Links, we scanned the local papers, blogs, and news websites for a roundup of news and opinion from Alexandria, Virginia and around the area. Here are five (5) news items that caught our eye.


Albert Bryan Courthouse Alexandria, Virginia
We have learned that residents in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia can expect INCREASED traffic and possible protests around the Courthouse today (Friday) as there is a case involving the recent Donald Trump executive order being heard at the Courthouse today.

Via WJLA, we had mentioned spotting the local news in Carlyle this morning. They were there reporting on the story from this weekend where two Woodbridge men were arrested at Richmond Airport and accused of plotting to aid ISIS who appeared at the Alexandria federal courthouse today.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, specifically Alexandria, is better suited for terrorism cases which is why the men appeared at the Alexandria court.

Albert Bryan Courthouse Alexandria, Virginia

We keep an eye on interesting cases going on at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia located in Carlyle and found another one. No doubt you have heard about the New York Times reporter James Risen CIA leak case. That case is going on TODAY in Alexandria.

Via AP

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A New York Times reporter is expected to reluctantly testify in a trial run to see what evidence he could offer in the case of a former CIA officer accused of leaking classified information.

Federal prosecutors have said journalist James Risen is a critical witness in a case against ex-CIA employee Jeffrey Sterling. Prosecutors believe Sterling was a source for a book by Risen that detailed a botched effort to cripple Iran’s nuclear program.

A judge ordered Monday’s hearing in northern Virginia to work out in advance any snags in calling Risen to the stand.

Risen has said that to protect his sources’ confidentiality, he will refuse to answer detailed questions.

Read more at this link.

APD Road closed


The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a suspicious package Tuesday morning in the 400 block of Courthouse Square at U.S. District Court. It is not known whether the package was inside or outside the building.

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