Amtrak in the snow

Amtrak Service Update for Tuesday, March 14

Amtrak will operate a modified schedule in the Northeast region on Tuesday, March 14, due to a winter storm. Passengers holding reservations are strongly encouraged to monitor conditions and make any necessary changes in advance of their scheduled departure using or our mobiles apps to check their train status.

Due to changing winter storm conditions, the Northeast Regional service between New York City and Boston and Empire Service between New York City and Albany, N.Y., are suspended until further notice. Trains that depart each city before 9:00 a.m. will complete their trips. Acela Express service between New York City and Boston has already been canceled.

In addition, the Acela Express and Northeast Regional service that operate between New York City and Washington, D.C., will run on a modified schedule, with some trains truncated or cancelled, including some trains that operate in Virginia.

The Keystone Service, Shuttle, and Downeaster Service will also run on a modified schedule, with some trains truncated or cancelled.

Some long distance trains that normally travel to and from the Northeast Corridor will also be affected, with service suspended between Albany/Rensselaer and Boston, and between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.


Census Bureau survey of American businesses

This graphic gives a snapshot of the number of years firms have been in business by gender, race, ethnicity and veteran status.

Among the 5.4 million U.S. firms with paid employees, 481,981, or 8.9 percent, had been in business for less than two years in 2014, according to findings from the U.S. Census Bureau’s inaugural Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs.

In contrast to the employer firms that had been in business for less than two years, there were 167,917, or 3.1 percent, that had been in business for 16 years or more. More than 4 in 10 employer firms (2.4 million, or 44.1 percent) have been in business between 11 and 15 years.

Beginning with today’s release of 2014 statistics and continuing through the release of 2016 data, the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs will supplement the Survey of Business Owners, conducted every five years. The Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs provides a timely, more frequent socio-economic portrait of the nation’s employer businesses by gender, ethnicity, race, and veteran status. It includes a relevant topic not found in the Survey of Business Owners: the number of years a firm has been in business.

The survey is a public-private partnership among the U.S. Census Bureau, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Minority Business Development Agency.

“As ‘America’s Data Agency,’ the Department of Commerce puts open data resources and digital tools in the hands of families, communities, and federal and local leaders to help them make data-driven decisions,” U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker said. “The Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs is a new and exciting resource that responds to data users’ request for more timely statistics on the demographics of America’s businesses owners.”

The tables released today provide estimates of receipts, payroll and employment for the nation, states and the District of Columbia, and the 50 most populous metropolitan statistical areas. Firm size data are available by sales size (the number of firms with sales/receipts of $1.0 million or more) and employment size (the number of firms with 500 employees or more).


Pumping gas

Will the Price of Gas Dip Further?

The national average price of gas has held relatively steady over the past week and has declined on just one of the past four days. The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $2.12 per gallon, which is the lowest price for this date since 2004 and 26 cents below 2016’s peak price to date of $2.40 on June 11. Today’s price is one cent less than one week ago, 12 cents less than one month ago and 48 cents less than the same date last year.

Pump prices in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast continue to drop at a steady rate, with prices across the region falling a couple of cents over the past week. Virginia gas prices has fallen 59 out of the past 60 days for a total of 29 cents per gallon and remains one of the lowest places in the country to buy gasoline at $1.91 per gallon. Today’s average price for gasoline in Virginia is two cents less than last week, 16 cents less than a month ago and 49 cents less than this same day last year.   (more…)

unsecure_cargo Road debris

A new report by AAA shows that debris that has fallen from a vehicle, is a factor in more than 200,000 police-reported crashes. Those crashes included 500 people who died and about 39,000 injuries between the years 2011 and 2014.

According to the Traffic Safety Study, about two-thirds of debris-related crashes are the result of items falling from a vehicle because of improper maintenance and unsecured loads. And since 2001, when the Foundation first issued its study, crashes involving vehicle related-debris have increased 40% .

  • The most common types of debris that fall onto the roadway from vehicles are:
  • Parts, such as tires, wheels or hubcaps  that become detached from the vehicle;
  • Unsecured cargo such as  furniture, appliances and other items; and
  • Tow trailers that become separated and either hit another vehicle or lands on the roadway.

“This new report shows that road debris can be extremely dangerous but all of these crashes are preventable,” said Jurek Grabowski, research director for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Drivers can easily save lives and prevent injuries by securing their loads and taking other simple precautions to prevent items from falling off the vehicle.”


Donald Trump Hillary CLinton Gary John Dr. Jill Stein

We are conducting an online poll regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election which is about 90 days away. I must say, for me, I am undecided and leaning toward doing a write-in.

I’ve seen some recent online polls and polls on TV which were quite surprising in their result. Given that Alexandria, Virginia has been named the most Liberal City in Virginia, this is likely though going to lead to a landslide result like our annual ice cream poll.

What do you think the result will be? Poll closes midnight Sunday, August 14.

If you want, tell us why you are voting for the candidate below.

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